I don't understand builds


I’m checking in this forums for build examples, preferentially posted in 2018 because I have no clue if patch 2.1/2.5 builds are still half decent now.

I’ve seen mentioned a build is not about sets, it’s about affixes.

While this could make sense in general, nothing I see points to it, or I don’t understand.

So, what, I should check the affixes, pick one (say, weapon damage %? Noxious?) and try to have it on all my items?

Well obviously weapon damage will in general boost my damage, no need to think hard for that. That doesn’t tell me much about what I need to look out for right?
Noxious on the other hand seems like … nonsense? To build something around.

This is one of the builds I see, and I don’t have a damn clue how it works!

First of, how does he wear 6 different set affixes and has a bonus for each as if he was wearing 5 for each? That would require 30 items! When I wear two distinct items with two distinct set affixes I get (1) for each, not (2).

edit: Nevermind, I missed the +2 to all sets bonuses. I understand why he chose those sets, as he explains in the post, but I still don’t understand builds in general. I don’t believe all builds are around “choose 6 sets! +4 them all!” and “Make everything Ice!!!” (more about ice/element ahead)

On an unrelated topic, about that build’s items: What are purple items?

So, right off the bat, it looks like the build is just about throwing all kinds of stuff in and hoping something will kill. You know, this mob happens to be weak to ice and i got some permafrost here, the other seems to be weak to equality so it’s killed by a passive.

The only thing I can properly understand there is: Everything is ice based and adds ice damage. But not much else makes sense.

Actually, NOT EVEN everything being ice based makes total sense. In that particular case it does, but if I have my amulet that contributes in no way or very limited way to damage (+2000 ice damage, when my total damage has 6/7 digits), then yeah sure it’s 2000 extra damage… maybe 20000 with multipliers. Still worthless.

So the only conclusion I have is: as long as I can get my hands on the very best items that multiply my damge by 2-4 like those, then just pick an element (Any element, take it out of the hat and “It’s… LIGHT ELEMENT!!!”, then enchant every single one of those items with light, and I’m done.

If, in the other hand, I can’t get my hands on those items, I may as well enchant everything with LIGHT and my character will suck.

What am I missing :? Should I actually go try to farm 6 items with Noxious to prove me wrong?
I mean, sure I could do that but for the time it would take me and considering the limited inventory space, I will probably end up throwing away items I don’t even realise are good because “You know what? IT DOESN’T HAVE NOXIOUS!!!”

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Purple Items = Mythic Items

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Oh, I thought Mythic items were green, like Ethernal items.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Its changed some since I last played. It’s about finding balance with your items. The only rate legendaries that are hard to get are mutiny and nadrogi. It used to be all about Ed damage, but from what I can tell it’s shifted. I have something similar to the green garden build. I’ve added glass cannon, PLT and barbarian. It used to get huge multipliers, but now bearly breaks a billion. I’m trying to get some direction on new builds since I have a rekindled interest in this game. Let me know if you’d like to see my setup I’ll ss it when I get time.


Yeah that’s what I’m doing now. % weapon damage and % element damage and + element damage.

By this standard most legendary items just suck but it’s my best bet for now.

24 hours ago I was dead set on getting Prismatic set but I’ve read somewhere in the forums it’s not that good except for the hireling. The only reason I thought it would do me good was to be able to kill monsters that resist to my element easily but if it’s just good for the hireling… bah. %weapon damage it is :slight_smile:

For now, best build is frozen+crushing flame build… easy to make (cheapest too) no need to find %ed and another hard to find item…

Yes I need to try that. Sounds interesting. Is it a 10+ bill class?

Higher floor higher damage

Can’t seem to find that build. Found frozen cross-fire instead. Seeing the +4 to all sets again.

I’ll just focus on weapon damage % while I don’t have the stones to do +all sets :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion.

+4set is must to improve build, if you dont have stone, use nadroji ring and amulet,

Try this. When i new and dont have anything, i use plagued set, weapon, off hand, ring, and amulet, just search at codex, and go farm at floor 200… u can easly kill monster at m3 difficult using this item… farm farm and farm until u get resource, u need a lot of resource (stone) to make good build… keep good drop item and salvage item u dont want,

If u want ur build can deal million damage, first u need to million farm,
Sorry for my bad English,

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Yeah that’s what I was doing. I was looking for Nadroji actually but didn’t find.
Well, I wasn’t using with those items but… I was farming maps above F200.

I decided to ascend though, I was getting nothing but higher level maps and hard ones when the mods would work against me. Skyfall and TnT thing is surprisingly hard combo even with nothing else. “I’ll just avoid the stones…” … right…

Thank you for the suggestion, at least I know how to do something right now!

Your English is good enough. That’s all that matters :wink:

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affixes would be Normal (Yellow - max 5 per item), Epic (Orange - max 6 per item), Legend (Red - max 6 per item), and Crystal (Light Blue - 1 per item, excluding Pets). I guess you could consider these regular affixes.

other affixes would be Set (Green - 1 per item. can be found on Legend Pets also). Set affixes go from rank (1) to (8). Set Bonus (Grey?) can be found on certain items, and need a certain number of Sets or conditions to be activated. Seven Deadly Sin items also have a Set Penalty (Pink?) in addition to a Set Bonus. if you have enough of the 7DS Set affixes, you can activate the Bonus’s to overcome the Penalties.

Myth Stones (Purple - max 6 per item, excluding Pets) are a special affix with about the same power of either Normal or Epic affixes, with a few about the same power of Legend affixes.

Mythic Affix (PURPLE - 1 per item, excluding Pets) these require a recipe of 4 Myth Stones to create. they only go on certain items, except for Resource Mythics, which can go on any non Pet item.

because there are only 36 spaces for affixes, 42 if you have a Pet, you end up finding ways to make affix combinations to do a lot of damage while keeping you alive. not only that, some Weapon Skills and Class Talents work better with certain affixes than with others in certain combinations. a good example would be having an OH with Smoke Bomb Skill, 2x Smoke Bomb Proc, Smoke Screen (5) Set, Smoke Bomb Skill 40, and the Noxious, Darkness & Bombardier Talents at 40, with a few extra AoE affixes to increase the size of Smoke Bomb. this would make a good foundation for a Smoke Bomb build for Rogues. Mirrorcast (Legend), Elemental (5) (Green Set), and Specialist (Legend) would help cast even more Smoke Bombs. and you still have space for other affixes to improve damage or defense.

I know this is a lot, but I hope it helps.


Hmm is there some kind of simulator where we can make a build, preferentially that can lock the items to possible combinations (Stuff like,if I get this particular bonus i can’t get any other from the others… like a set bonus for instance); and where we can sort of understand if it’s any good?

Doubt that, right? Gotta actually build and try it.

Time to figure out how many of the millions of combinations are good I guess.

Thanks for your patience, and the example!

@IntuitioN a lot of understanding Builds is trial and error. when you read around the Forums, you can see what other players have discovered and shared, but nothing beats playing and understanding what is happening with your Characters Builds. When I was Ascending my Wizard, I considered what I had read in the Forums, and what I saw was actually happening while I was playing. I tried out a lot of different Skills, Weapons, Affixes, Sets, Pets, Talents, all kinds of stuff.

the first thing you should always consider when making a Build is knowing what it is going to do. Battle Arena, Climbing Floors, Farming, or Ascending for Perks & Leveling Up. one thing you will notice is that some affixes work better in one Build than another. if you have all the Perks and are level 99, you don’t need Experience affixes, unless you really want to be at the top of the Experience Leader Board. another thing is that there are some Legend affixes that can only be found on Legend Items, so it might be hard or impossible to make Builds with certain Legend affix combinations.

I sometimes get an idea when I see an item and wonder what an affix would do if it were teamed up with an affix on another item, so you never know when inspiration will strike.


Yeah I see.

I was never good at coming up with builds myself.
I know there are some around here but I guess I’ll have to try harder for a chance.
Not a bad thing overall anyway.

At this point “climbing floors” and “farming” still means the same to me.
Trying to find my balance.

Thanks Golem!

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to be honest, I am not really good making builds either, but I know, after playing for awhile, that because there is a limited number of spaces for affixes, you start to notice which affixes make good combinations with other affixes, Talents, and Skills. I am really lazy, so I don’t do a lot of testing unless I think of something I am willing to spend time on testing.

At this point “climbing floors” and “farming” still means the same to me.
Trying to find my balance.

for most players, Farming is for floors up to 500, and maybe up to 1,000 because of the requirements for certain Legend/Eternal items. Nadriji, Nadroji Bonus, Crystaline, Eternalized, Mythical Sets with Luck, Gold Find, and Item Drop are for Farming, and take up space.

Climbing is basically for any floor, but usually means Builds meant for floors 500-1k or higher. only using affixes that keep you alive and kill monsters.

on lower floors, you can do both, and is a good way to learn stuff. one thing about looking at Builds on the Forums, you can get a good idea of what works and what doesn’t, which saves you a lot of trouble when it comes to using up your precious Crystals and Myth Stones.

one thing I did was start with my own simple Builds, and when I needed something better, just kept improving until I had to make a Build from the foundation up.


All Guides

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last night I decided to do some work on Golems Ultimate Farming Build. the main part of the Build that crushes monsters is centered around Defiant, Blood Magic (Mythic), & Masochism. now, the Masochism item I am using is the Amulet, which has Push the Limit on it. the Build still has some empty spaces, but it is doing a lot of damage! but after 2 test maps and dying about 12 times (even with Block +45%, Dodge +60%, and Sanctuary), I learned a horrible thing. my Comet is costing around 2,200 Mana to cast, and Twister is over 12k to cast. so my HP goes down really fast :scream:. actually, I was having trouble even casting Twister at all! this is from 2x spell cost from Blood Magic and +50% spell cost from PtL, with Masochism dropping my HP down to 50%. I have about 5 spaces to work with to fix this problem, and if I can do it right, cool! and if not, well, then I guess I should have written it all down on paper first. :frowning_face:


Hmm yeah I see. Bah. Sounds like something too costly to do before we have anything working though :\

I was looking at Flash Farner

I only crafted one mythical and it became just empty with the mythical skill only. Didn’t add anything yet because it’s Hunter and I switch to click on the Shrine and back to my ring.

How do we go about to craft Insolence of Strength for example?

  1. Find the item with Defiance Set
  2. Use Emerald to max the item quality (then item level…? Or just one of these needed? Not sure why we would want to increase item level, I think item quality dictates possible stats and item level the level at which we can equip it)
  3. Remove all affixes but the set with Kyanite
  4. Use 5 rubies and Larimars or Sapphires until we get the exact affix combination we want
  5. Use Diamonds and Fluorites until we get the very maximum value for each affix

Supposing I’m right, I’m guessing if I farm 24/7 for the next 7 years I might be able to get that one item done. Then I will need the other 5 items.

I’m not too far off, am I? :slight_smile:

As to the issue you described, I can think nothing but the MP reduce % affix.
If I read it correctly, max value is 40% for the epic version. If you happen to have at least 2 distinct items for those 5 slots then you can have 2 * 40% reduce. For 3 items you never need MP. Even 80% reduced MP on 2 items seems too good to be true though, either there’s a hard cap below that or I’m wrong somewhere… again.

Edit: and I guess Cognition of Strength is a Mythic item that was added a set affix to it? If I remember correctly the +2 to all sets is a Mythic only skill Nevermind, Elixer. Regardless, it looks like I have to farm a few months/years to have a half decent farming build in order to start farming for the en goalds/builds/tests. Didn’t expect that from a mobile game! Let the game start :smiley:

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Item Quality: for Eternal items, it is automatically +50%, for all others, they are found with a range of -10% to +10% (I have only found up to 8% either way so far, but I am just going by what I read posted by a Dev), but using Emeralds you can get Item Quality up to +25%. Item Quality affects Damage done by Weapons, and the Armor of the other 4 items.

Peridot: this Crystal can be used to raise the level of items if needed.

Item Level: an items level affects the base damage a Weapon does, the base Armor the other items have, and the values of the affixes on them. that is why a level 1 item is so different from a level 100 item.

Larimar, Sapphire, Flourite & Kyanite: the first three do not work on Legend or Crystal affixes, and Kyanite doesn’t work on Crystal affixes. to change the values of Legend & Crystal affixes, you need to use Diamond, which changes the values of all affixes on the item. you could use Quartz to take a Crystal affix off of an item, but that isn’t a good idea, as it takes 1-6 random affixes off of an item, so you could lose everything. to change a Legend affix, use Kyanite and then use Ruby to try again. (if the Legend affix is item only, don’t take it off unless you don’t want it, otherwise you will have to get another item with the affix again).

Affix Values: Normal, Magic, Rare, & Epic items, even with +25% Item Quality, when trying to get max values, you will still get values from lowest to highest, just better chances for highest with the max IQ. with Legend+ Items (excluding Eternal items) the Mod’s have said that values wont go below 75% of max when rolling max values. so it is easier to get max values crafting Legend+ items than the other items. (I noticed this when crafting Epic items with +25% IQ, so I know the difference. used up a lot of Crystals learning this.).

for Golems Ultimate Farm Build I took off the PtL and put on 6 Wisdom Natures. after a few days, some of the affixes on my Pet increased, so I put the Natures back to 3x Luck & Gold Find. also I changed Reclaim Talent to Prismatic, which increased the effectiveness of Amplify Talent. another change was going from Angelic Set to Demonic. my focus was on using Comets with Twister as support, and Teleport & Shatter to get out of trouble, but with only +10% cool down and harsh Resource conditions, this Build was a difficult learning experience.

the difficult thing I learned with this Build is that Masochism lowers my HP by up to 50% with any healing, and Blood Magic Mythic and PtL are increasing my Spell costs by +100% & +50%, so I have to make sure my HP will be high enough to cast my highest cost Spell.

in the end, the few changes I made allow me to smash my way through floor 130 pretty fast, and I am getting through floor 505 faster than with my Reflect Damage Farm Build, even though I die 0-4 times per map. and Epic+ monsters are kind of hard on floor 505.

basically Golems Ultimate Farm Build #1 is an improvement, and I have learned a lot again, but I am already thinking of #2 already.

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