I Don't Understand Your Game Mechanics - Help Me

I know I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I do know when 2+2 shouldn’t be 8.

SO… when I logged out last night from PVP, I was Rank 7 in Mythic with a Global Ranking of 412.

I just log in and start my PVP, I win… I get a Global Rank of 502. OK… I guess some others moved up.

Fight four more times… Four Wins. Global Ranks go as follows:


I decide to do some farming… so off I go.

Come back to PVP. Win and get a Global Rank of 429??? What is that? Win again go to 402. Then I met the inevitable Park and Spam and Lose… I drop to 487. Here we go again.

Next matches and their ranks as they were wins.


Decide I am going to count myself fortunte and stop. Go back to farming. Come back to see whats up. Win… 406??? Really??? Then I lose and drop AAAAALLLLLL the way to 503. W… da… F… over.

I decide to take a look at the rankings. I am now 6th in Mythic with 2538 points. 1st has a Global Ranking of 4548. Errr… 4548 - 2538 is not 503. Here is something else that is confusing. If I am 6th in Mythic, why in the world is the top person at 4500 and change and he is NOT Eternal when I only need 403 more Global to get in? I mean how does that work?

One more thing to explain please.

I just checked the top three in Eternal. Of course Shay and Clogon are one and two. Three is Matthew. His stats are as follows:

#3 in Eternal
Record of 281-46
3041 Global Ranking

I am #6 in Mythic
Record of 598-109
2538 Global Ranking

Your game doesn’t make sense.

Let me give you some more retarded DQ math:

Just fought five more times since I lost. Started 503 remember?

438 ---- NOTE: This was against Rupet, number 6 in Mythic with 3094. I check my stats… IM 6th IN MYTHIC WITH 2552 POINTS!!! <… doesn’t add.
418 — NOTE: This was against X31HAN9, number 7 in Mythic with 4987 points. If you are keeping score, The number one Mythic person is at 4548. How does the number 7 person have MORE GLOBAL RANKING than the 1st place guy? Oh, don’t forget. I am now at 6th with 2567.

Come on… something isn’t making sense here. How can that even be possible?

the global rank is the total points you’ve gained from pvp (this doesnt get deducted win you lose a match).

when your offline and you AI lose a match against a real player, your point will be deducted.
That’s why people in Eternal League have at least 2 sets of build. 1 for offense and another 1 for a defensive build meant to fit the AI when you are offline. That’s why you see camping and spamming chars…these are their defensive AIbuild. As a matter of fact Clogon hasnt played for a very long time but he’s still in top 3 because his AI defensive build is so damn good he gets points from winning AI vs real player.

That right there has got to be the most retarded mechanic of any game I have ever heard in my life. PLEASE tell me there are plans to remove this AFTER Beta. Why in the WORLD would you penalize a player, especially one like me who hasn’t played enough to obtain a vast amount of gear yet, for losing while I am asleep? Unbelievable…

What about the other rank stuff? Any explanation for that?

two type of points
1 current - plus/minus win you win/lose
2 global point - total amount of points you gain in your entire pvp matches (it just keeps on going up)

your current point is 503 which puts you in 6th spot. your overall global points that you gained from matches is 2538 points.

I might be wrong. It maybe simply doesnt add up since its in beta.
I remember when I was in mythic league I was also buffled with the ranking. It says I have
to be at top 100. I didnt know what my ranking was I just played then I just became Eternal league.

Based from rumors and DQ testers teasing around with updates pvp will have a big improvement.
btw make it a habit of looking at your opponent’s gear so you will now what’s beating you and if they have hacked or modded items

I am talking about the other stuff.

How can I and another player BOTH BE number 6 in Mythic: me with 2552 and Rupet with 3094?
How can Number 7 in Mythic X31HAN9 have 4987 Global Ranking and the NUMBER 1 GLOBAL RANKING is at 4548?
How can I be only 400 points short of reaching Eternal with a score of 2567, but the NUMBER ONE GUY with 4548 points not be Eternal yet? I mean 2567 plus 400 equals 2967 unless my phone calculator doesn’t work right.
How can the NUMBER 3 GUY in Eternal have a record of only 281-46 Mathew with a Global Rank of 3041 and I have a record o f598-109 and have a Global Rank of 2567?


This is one of things I hope DQ will work on the next patch - “proper wording”

How can I and another player BOTH BE number 6 in Mythic: me with 2552 and Rupet with 3094?
-he might have played more matches and won more “points” than you. Or he might have played the same number of matches or less but he gains more points from winning against tougher opponent if his MMR (match making rating) is high especially if he’s in winning streak.

How can Number 7 in Mythic X31HAN9 have 4987 Global Ranking and the NUMBER 1 GLOBAL RANKING is at 4548?

  • like what I mentioned prior, Global ranking means cumulative global points.
    X31HAN9 might have played more matches and gained more points from winning every match
    but he’s AI/ or when he plays he loses a lot of matches as well that’s why his “current” point is lower

On the other hand the number 1 player played less matches in PVP but have a higher win rate thus doesnt get deducted in points in his “current point”

Global rank using LP point Count. This constantly changed. u need to remember its GLOBAL. not only u play arena at that time. alot player do. they win they got point their global rank changed. and u play u win u got point and your global rank changed too. and it will effect tbose player too they rank probably will go down. its like race actually.

When u check on ranking, the number/rank is using RATING. when u play more win more u can take place in eternal league when your rating us higher than last place in eternal league.

I suggest u ignore that thing first since u are new, i would just spent time farming than think about that. and for your information, everyone even veteran start with zero. farming, loot, crafting using alot time. when u face them u will feel like it unfair as they got alot good item. but IMO when u spent time, play more, probably around 4month or more and at that time u already have alot resources and can craft thing much more easier. when new player said its unfair coz u have alot resources, what u gonna tell him.?


current point is the basis of ranking in PVP.
Like in my case. last time I checked I rank 15 in eternal league with current points of 2800
and global rank points of 8000

I never said it was unfair. I just want to understand the mechanics so I can move up.

I don’t understand how two people can both be number 6 in Mythic, but when I look at the rankings only my name shows up as number 6. Rupet is nowhere to be found on the list.

I don’t understand how the Number 3 person in Eternal can achieve said rank with a record of only 281-46 and I have a record of 598-109. That math doesn’t add up.

I don’t understand how I can fight two people, Rupet and X31HAN9, win, check their Gear / Rank / Stats, and according to THAT: They are Number 6 and Number 7 in Mythic League but when you check the Rankings they are nowhere to be found on the list.

Oh well… at least gold farming makes sense. Back to what works.

I wish I knew how to take screenshots on my phone…

I am now facing Mathew after my wins… It is showing his as “1v1 Common League”. I fight him. Of course he mops the floor with me. Check his profile and stats and it shows him as 414th in Eternal with 68 Points. When I zone out to check the Global Rankings, it shows him as being 3rd still with 3094 points.

I know this is Beta… I just want to understand how this works.

My final post then I’ll leave this alone. Based on the lack of responses from anyone related to DQ I am wagering that nobody really cares at this point and I am wasting my time. I’ll just post this in hopes that someone who is working on improving the game might see something worth wild.

Started 418. Global Ranking of 2567 in 6th Place in Mythic.

Fought many many fights.

Now have a record of 706-131, with a Global Ranking of 408. 4th Place in Mythic with 3156 points.

I move up a whopping 10 points in my Global Ranking towards the goal of Eternal.

I logged three seperate win streaks

418 - Lost and magically became 467

Win 1 - 6 Points - 464
Win 2 - 8 Points - 461
Win 3 - 10 Points - 460
Win 4 - 12 Points - 439
Win 5 - 14 Points - 401

Lose - 0 Points - 455

Win 1 - 6 Points - 462 (Yes, went backwards on a Win)
Win 2 - 8 Points - 459
Win 3 - 10 Points - 455
Win 4 - 12 Points - 427

Lose - 0 Points - 447

Win 1 - 6 Points - 441
Win 2 - 8 Points - 438 (This one is confusing because I fought a 1V1 Common Person but when I looked the person’s gear and stats, it showed them being 1V1 Eternal with a record of 1167-231)
Win 3 - 10 Points - 435
Win 4 - 12 Points - 419
Win 5 - 14 Points - 397
Win 6 - forgot to write down the points sorry - 377

Lose - 0 Points - 448.

I gave up after that writing everything down as I was frustrated. SO just based on those matches, finshed with a 15-3 Record, Started with 418, Finished with 448. I actually went backwards even though I had 15 out of 18 wins. Only on one of the fight streaks (The first mind you) did I actually move foward at all. I did make it down at one point to 346 but logged off to take a break and came back to find myself back at 391 after a win and then 427 After another stretch.

In the end, after all is said and done and all the hours put into the matches, I finish 10 points higher than I started. Furthermore, the theory of what fookee said above about “winning” while off line is beyond a bad idea. First, why would anyone even bother PVPing? They can just go farm, make an AFK character, log him into PVP, Play a match, Win, Log off, and let the new guys take a shot at him and rack up the points by winning AFK. I encountered several 1V1 Common Folks who had full Green / Blue / Purple Gear with 3 wins but somehow had a massive Global Ranking when you looked at their Stats. Clogon apparently hasn’t played in awhile but his AI AFK Bot has managned to kill everyone and still be at the top of the Class. Doesn’t make sense. AI Quest.

Final thoughts. Found several players with Records far less than mine, but Eternal already. I am 706-131 Currently 4th in Mythic. I fought several Eternal folks who had records hundreds less than me, but somehow made it to Eternal. Example: Mathew: 281-46 Currently 3rd in Eternal. Thanos: 447-34 Currently 414th in Eternal. How do they get that with such low fight records and mine is as good or higher? How is Mathew number 3 in Eternal and Thanos 414 when his record is much better and he had a higher Global Ranking?

Thanks for your time. Good luck.

Acrroding to DQ apps on Google play, it reach 1MILLION download. So there will be hell lot of player. 1 thing u need to remember u not play alone.

So here is my theory to atleast help u understand thing much better…

Global rank. This is using LP count. as i stated above there is hell lot player play this game. take this example.

Rank 401 to Rank 440 : 3021 LP
Rank 440 to Rank 510 : 3020 LP
Rank 510 to Rank 560 : 3019 LP

Rank 701 to Rank 720: 3010 LP

Since there is alot player it is posible that more than 1 player have same amount LP. as u see above, the LP slighly different is only by 1. So let say u play alot and your LP is 3021. So u will be around rank 401. when u lose, U WILL LOSE SOME LP POINT! so let say u lose and your LP reduced by 10. your rank drasticly drop to around rank 700+. u get it now.?

Rating, this one using STREAK.
By looking above on your comment. as u stated by your STREAK is just around 5 and then u lose so u start over again repeatly. so for this example.

Let say for each 2 streak continues u gain 1-2 Rating. but when u lose. u lose 10 rating… so for your case u your streak is 5. let say u got 4 rating. when u lose your rating deducted by 10. So there is no way for your rating to increased if it just like that, basically u wont reach eternal league. ask them how much their streak go. me for example, when i play arena i can maintain my streak up to 60+. see the different.? i lose once after 60 win match while u lose every 5 match.

For Away win. when their AI win, their rating not increased.! the one lose to the AI will lose some Rating. take this example:

Rating tank in arena

So let say second ranked play arena. and increase his rating to 3018 just 1 rating point below first ranked… when he encounter with first ranked player toon and lose he then lose 10 rating point. so his rating become 3008. he stay at second place. So basically when AI win, it not increase that person rating, in pushing down his lower ranked so they cant take that 1st place. that is how player maintain their seat…

*When u check on ranking. following by their league the rank using by rating. so basically it is normal when 1 player play less than u on upper rank if they can keep their winning streak higher. before they lose a match.


I could theory craft this in several ways also. But I hate to guess. Your numbers don’t match what my actual in game data was. There is no valid explanation on why I play 130 PVP matches and only come out 10 points ahead on my Global Ranking when I went 108-22 during that 130 PVP match set. It’s not even mathematically possible, but somehow possible in game. If I lost on the first match every time or had a much worse record, yes I could see that. But that isn’t the case. There is no valid explanation how one player can play a combined total of 327 matches with a rank of 281-46 and achieve Rank 3 in Eternal (That’s a 6.10 Fight win average), and another player play a total of 837 matches with a record of 706-131 and can’t even GET to Eternal. (That’s a 5.38 Fight average) — having a .8 longer fight streak doesn’t even mathematically compute to compensate for 510 LESS MATCHES that the Rank 3 Player didn’t play, but somehow possible in game. There is no valid explanation on how I win and go backwards in Global Ranking. None… it shouldn’t even be a possibility. Win = move ahead. Win a lot = move ahead a lot. LOSE ONCE shouldn’t = moving back farther than it took me to win a lot just to move ahead.

Regardless if 100 Million play this game, that math doesn’t even compute.

I appreciate your effort and time. Thanks Cronos.

It does compute, because you don’t know how the wins and losses are distributed. His 46 losses could have been his first 46 matches, and his 281 wins could all have been consecutive. I doubt it was that extreme, but it could be close. You start out playing against players at or below your theoretical level, and end up playing players above your theoretical level. You have to beat players that are above your theoretical level or you WILL NOT ADVANCE. For example:

Win 1 - 1 point
Win 2 - 1 point
Win 3 - 2 point
Win 4 - 2 point
Win 5 - 4 point
Win 6 - 4 point
Win 7 - 8 point
Win 8 - 8 point
Win 9 - 16 point
Loss - lose 10 point

If there is a progression like this, winning even slightly more games can have a BIG impact. And it isn’t about total wins, it is about percentage, especially because you play against players near your rank. If I am rank 500,000, and I have won 10,000 games, but lost 1,850, that doesn’t mean I should be eternal rank. My win percentage is still just as low, and most importantly, I’m losing to much worse players when I lose. As far as why you have to win a lot more than you lose, winning is more fun than losing, so they want your first few wins to be easy - everyone will have a strong starting streak, and new players are more likely to get hooked. You have to go way past that to advance.

As far as how you win a game and still lose a rank, it just means everyone around you wins too. If you are 2nd and I am 3rd, you win 1 match but I win 5, you maybe will lose 2nd to me.

You are saying that we need to beat players above us to advance… so basically, by your design, you are saying that this person who sits at number 3 in the entire game with only 281 wins somehow beat everyone and then some and advanced to the top. I mean… those numbers aren’t even possible. Just breezed through all levels without a scratch and went on massive winning streaks. It isn’t even possible.

Please don’t theory craft this for a second and just use my actual in game data posted above.

With 706 wins, I sit at number 4 in Mythic. With only 281 wins, Number 3 in Eternal is achieved. Now he has 46 loses. I have 131 loses. Do the math… don’t make it up just do the math. His average is 6 wins before losing and mine is 5.8 wins. He could have went on a 100 win streak. using your theory he STILL didn’t beat the best people above him and shouldn’t have advanced. It isn’t even mathematically possible. Not going through White, Blue, Yellow, Red, Purple, AND GREEN all the way to the top at Number 3. it isn’t even possible, but apparently can happen - as it did.

Once you take the theory and guessing away on all the scenerios from Santa granting his Christmas wish to be number 3 or he somehow went on a 281 fight win streak after losing 46 in a row, the actual in game numbers from actual game time doesn’t add up. Something is broke.

Just saying… the numbers don’t lie.

Do u want to understand mechanism or u actually want ask why u are not in eternal league.?

for my theory it suppose to be EXAMPLE for your case NOT actual using your statistics of win lose.

It seems like maybe you are missing the point that global rank points don’t matter. You could have 100,000 global rank points and be in last place.

You say that with a 100 win streak he still couldn’t be 3rd. Why not? Remember, it is quality of matches, not quantity, that matters.


Ok I see a point in that. It just doesn’t explain what I see in game. I’ve fought several Eternal Players and won and lost. The advancement of the wins doesn’t match the advancement of the losses.


If I win against an Eternal Player, shouldn’t the advancement be higher than a Red or Yellow?
IF I lose to an Eternal Player, in theory, wouldn’t the loss be small due to that player being higher caliber?

At this point without actual data we will have to theory craft this.