I download save game from my recent upload but for some reason, feats don't save anymore

What I mean is that I had 4/8 Legend Enslaver and I finished Enslaver feat 150/150 but when I downloaded save game (a very recent one and not anything from the past like today) , the feats go back to old history such as showing me 107/150 Enslaver and 3/8 legend Enslaver and other feats.

This feels like an exploit but also a bug I can’t really control. The reason I download is because I do many tests with custom ROM and kernel stuff so sometimes I have to upload DQ and then download after the chance. I guess I could just use Titanium Backup for a proper save onto the phone storage drive so it doesn’t have the feat bug instead of the cloud.

This wasn’t a bug before patch 3.0 or 3.0.1 but it is a recent bug for me. Maybe. I’m sad I have to work that 150 Enslaver feat for that legend Enslaver back and it feels like cheating since I get that advantage I don’t intend to have.

LOL, every time I reinstalled my DQ I never got my feats again. I thought it was supposed to work this way.
@Tip: Don’t use backup tools to restore DQ, cause you will get flagged because it’s not considered “google play” version.


Oh right. That makes sense. Yeah I don’t get my feats again either.

Think this as another quest

I’ve have experienced this my enslaver feat was 37/150 then I downloaded my save game it back to 10/150.

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Yep. Seems like I’m not the only one :smile: . Thank god :phew: . It feels like cheating because more than once complete feat and you don’t lose anything or you lose progress and have to work to work.your way again.

Yeah. Losing your progress was not a good experience though.

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Feat progress (anything in the codex) can also easily break during uploading data. If you interrupt or loose connection while uploading your save game data, this can also result in a loss of data.

If this happens the best course of action is to immediately upload your save game data again and make sure it completes.


That is why. Thanks for the info.