I find my hero weak

Hi guys! I’m a total newbie playing games like this. I find my hero weak than the others whose same rank as me. I hate going to arena because that is a sure lose for me. Their heroes have those falling thingy like rocks and ice that sorrounds me. And my equipments are just guns, bows, boomerang and dagger but still I find my hero weak. BTW mine’s a rouge. Any advice is highly accepted. Thanks!

I suggest you have an extensive look on the build compendium to study as many builds and learn how dps build can work for pvp and pve.

Thank you :smile:

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the best rogue for farming in terms of dps is a poison rogue (in my opinion). I use bomb + bow for mobility and because I prefer bow. The key is the “Plagued” affix and stuff like druidic/cosmic power that boost your poison damage by a lot.

Individual stats like +weapon damage or +weapon dmg % are generally a lot weaker than affix combinations like the one listed above.

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Bow? Mine is gun… I should really change mine. Well, I also use bomb.