I hate torrents

I hate it , wish CV don’t cast Torrents anymore :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Oh I feel you. I had that eternal hatred since it first came out. I’m sure some will agree.
@Midlumer and @Mr_Scooty may agree :slight_smile: .

CV first impressions.


Hahah mee too…

Haha --> Torches and Pitchforks when CV introduced. It’s here to stay so adjust accordingly.

I already did lol. But that was my first impressions of it back a year ago.

I can defeat opponents very easily so CV less of a problem. What made it worse is cheaters and when it was once super broken. GOB biggest culprit before they are less of a problem now.

After all, Flawless Victory ftw. Flawless Victory —> CV.

Why, it looks lovely

Im just 2 chest away to eternal.
But bcoz of this cheater again

I’m on my way hunting eternal FV

This is just s4.

battle of CV

CV will most likely be changed in the future to make it not quite so hard to deal with in PvP :smile:

So , I found out that the new overload is nice as a counter , :smile:

Yeah that new overload is pretty nice. Also for fire+shock or other build+shock in high floor map too.

Electroduction+Overload + Scalp :yum:

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No cerebral vortex no challenge mostly to all high damager rogues . just hit and jump or hit with frozen high dps . all u need is to adjust or do the same thing or make a counter. If u keep losing on the same ai with the same build .ur build and ur playstyle is so weak . just my opinion . no hurt feelings.


Haha yah !I agree with that ,

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Dam right!

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Same here i hate wizard use cv set procs on torrents,auto aim and range nerfed it please :smiley: