I have a Concern about late game survivabilty


Hi guys i have a question why Rogue has stealth and warrior and wizard do not have anything valuable as a Survival tool? similar to stealth? Why warrior must rely on bullwark and wizard on bomb procs? instead they can Press 1 button to Survive


Warrior can have 100% block without pressing anything.
Wizard hasn’t anything similar, but its abilities are the best at killing mobs at safe distances (skullshield, orb, twister, storm). Some of these are also largely used by other classes.


Bullwark procs if the incoming damage is blocked lets assume that you have %84 block (highest cap with epiphany) and sanctuary if two incoming hits reach you and kill you wouldnt that make you sad ? You still %16 chance to die block is really unreliable compared to stealth a rogue may chill and farm at floor 10000 if stealth used properly but warrior has that adrenaline what if bullwark does not proc what if i die? And poor wizard has nothing at all about survival warrior has block with unreliable block and rogue has 2 oh sheet buttons bomb and stealth this is unfair to me. And dont say hyper armor to me because it is buggy and unreliable when you get crowd controlled by bosses when you stop attacking 1 sec you are dead thats it. And this is why we only see rogue at high floors. (Infinity warrior is an exception) if warrior could use shieldwall with block same as rogue with dodge and wizard could use timewarp to %100 dmg reduction in pve then i would say this is fair. now you will tell me that they will be op i agree that but for survivability i can gladly pay the price even both spells nerfed to the ground like stealth. What do you say?


Why the heck are you willing to be hit? Just use block + dodge + epiphany + sanctuary, done, you’re almost no killable playing skillfully




U say unreliable… Lol i never die even once. This is probably one of the most OP builds ever. Even at lvl 50 the max u can die in 3000+ floors is once.


Ok you are right