I have a problem how do i update my DQ?

Do i need to uninstall my DQ and download again? Im crying here,i didnt back up my DQ account

Did u uninstall it already?

Why would you uninstall? You don’t need to uninstall to update.


yeah i uninstall it T_T.but its ok i know why i cant updated cuz shit my Apk is patched by lucky patcher it was my friend who give me this game said he patched it so i deleted my old version of DQ and download again in the appstore.

Yeah you don’t need to patch the game with luckypatcher . I think you’ll do well with some paying hirlings and adverts just go. Although another way is airplane mode when in doubt.

Other than that, good luck with 3.0 .

Thats just sad.

mod apk cant update at playstore

Another thing to try this this:

Restart your device
Open Settings
Find the “Application Management” section
Find the google Play Store and press on it
Press “storage” or “data” (depending on your android device"
Press “Clear Cache” button
Restart your device again
Open Google Play
Search for Dungeon Quest.

This may help as in some cases Google Play App is not able to grab the latest patch information because it is not up to date (the google play app).

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