I have a problem with the password

Hi and again forgive my english.

I have a problem well my tablet isn’t compatible with google play so I download the latest version 1.3.2 this night but went I try to login my account I seen like I don’t remenber my pasword and the reset link don’t go to my email. But a month ago I do the same with the past version and went I recive the link and I open it that just send me to an error page… what can I do?

The link is in my email now but went I open it I saw this

Account not found or link not active

Mmm but my pj is in the leaderbord, my account is real is Brambard mmm the reason is because I don’t have google play o what happend?

Hi Brambard, sorry you’re having troubles with login!

Could you please copy and paste the email link to us? I looked at your account in the database and it seems okay, so perhaps the reset link is broken.

Thank you very much!

Hi again.

This is the link

shinyboxgames.com/DQ/Account … 1b9ce7a6a7
And thanks again

Ok looks like the link was broken, but I manually sent the temporary password email to your address. Let us know if you didnt get the email!

Hehe perfect thanks a lot my friend!

If you have any other issues, let us know (but I am assuming you got squared away here!)