I have a question about Glasscannon

Does Glasscannon Boost the overall damage or just for the equipment that has it. For example i put a glasscannon on my MH, and one on my OH, does the effect of glasscannon on OH boost the damage of MH?
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It boosts all damage which makes your overall dmg 50%+ stronger. With glasscannon + empower, your overall dmg be gery good while still not having just 1 hp.

Things like Barbarian and Push the Limit do the same functionality as glasscannon BUT they have different costs to get the 50%+ dmg needed.

Barbarian reduces total resource (mana for eg) by 50% to get 50% dmg if your Barbarian is 50%.

Push the limit increases resource cost by 50% to get 50% dmg if your using 50% Push the Limit.

Glasscannon, Push the Limit and Barbarian all increase overall damage but have different costs to achieve it.

So How to get empower? on item drops? i am using permastealth on PvE :smile:

Empower is a wizard talent. Don’t worry though because each class talents make up for something they don’t have. Rogue has the dextrous talent which increases crit dmg beyond cap by dodge % . Extremely powerful talent for all damage in general.

i am using Momentum with a 100+ movement speed. is this good too?

Yes! Very good! It’s good to use both momentum and glasscannon though :wink: .

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@CuzegSpiked does glass canon and push the limit stack?

Yes it stack :slight_smile: