I have a question i hope it gets answered

Csn my friend get banned…???
My friend has a flintlock a legend one and the flintlocks name is Plagued nowy friend removed the Plagued set affix and uses the amethyst to create a new set affix and the one he chooses was the demonic affix… Would that be considered as a modified item.?? Even though he used used amethyst just to change the set affix??


Technically it’s a legal item


Oh ok thank you very much… And also can you explain it to me more because im only newbie… Sorry…



Crystal Stones(CS) are ingame resource that enable players to legally modify affixes/element/class on items such as Gears, Pets and Maps if they do so choose.

CS’s have up to 16 tiers and each of them can do different actions when used on an item and with efficient use will give you the tools you need to be stronger than
before especially in the endgame.

Even though modifying your gears affix is considered legal, gears with illegially modified affixes(via Hacks) however is not legal and will be banned if caught redhanded.

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Thanks for that cuz for a sec there I though I was gonna get banned but I get it now :smiley:


people are getting banned for editing eternal items, not legendary items as long as it’s not an eternal item you can do what ever you want, and craft it in any affix you prefer


if an Eternal Item was not Crafted in one of the ways mentioned in this post, post it in the Reports Only Hackers & Cheaters thread, and one of the Dev’s will take a look at it.


Wait, That’s Illegal. FBI OPEN UP!

Haha just kidding :smile: :blush: :laughing:. Have a nice day.

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lol, no! no! no! i actually tested all of these Crystals & Myth Stones on Eternal Items, and i think i eventually tested them on an Eternal Pet, so that is a legit post! :wink: :male_detective::scroll::exclamation: