I have a treat for you all

Flintlock Arena build,this is new meta flintlock with bloodmagic resources system

Many player using Alchemy for Flintlock arena,but on my build im using bloodmagic

Basicaly dmg is true from elemental weapon,no crit dmg incl

I was tested this build in arena and meet many greatest battlemages like Kachan etc,and its work well(just learn how to predict and control your toon to lock the target) sometimes you got die when enigma procs
Ok let’s see
The name Deadly gun
This build can cause huge damage in early round

All natures is Element
Using bloodless Thropy

Hope you like this :grin::+1::heart:


Nice! Simple yet powerful!

Wow @Tinkerbell

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Very nice but i want to see on AI’s work.

@TinkerBell, I wonder that’s how @cyrol, steelheart from 2vs2 uses only epic ring item and you too. Never doubt it’s brilliant idea. @Elyseum is my idol too. I watched her ytchannel that’s why I reach division 1 in the league. Thank you guys. I hope I can get eternal back vanity

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Oh yeah? Whoaaaah great thanks to u bro :pray:

GainUp ur MMR than going face her/his AI Sir

I meet many Times ur AI,its so weak really
I can beat ur tank only 5 second with my ricochet build

But @Thinkerbell Tank have more Endure than U sir @Laxus, really many time i meet, when i meet thinkerbell tank the score usually 3-2 3-1 sometimes i lose with 1-3 2-3
But when i meet ur Toon is always me 3-0 for U

I think ur AI setting is too Aggresiv

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Laxus toon is weakest in arena,he can’t craft well for his own toon even he using game guardian lol

@ELYSEUM My Tanky wizard Made by experience,no to cheat to another player
That I got high ressist and armor in my build,when i play with my Battlemage,i can beat another battlemage easy way.
I can reach top 1 Arena 1v1 or 2v2 with easy if i want,but sometimes i feel boring there bcoz my enemy only you,whoever,
My great enemy is Kachans and your AI

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Keep doin