I have an idea for a build concept im going to work on but need pointers

So i recently watched a few memes about a charecter named senator arm strong, and i find the idea of creating a mele build that centers around the idea of being practicly invincible by takeing very little damage rather amusing, but i need a pointer or two to start off because i dont know where i should start while designing the build.

are you looking for pointers for PVP or PVE?

Hmm not sure which route i want to go. I would love to see insane numbers in pve, but pvp would induce quite a few giggles. What would you sugest?

for PVP, a high All Resist, Armor, Damage Reduction, lots of HP, or some combination of the 4. some Arena Trinkets have an affix that reduces the effectiveness of Armor, so most players go with All Resist and/or Damage Reduction. Blood Magic (Set & Mythic) & Alchemy Mythic don’t work with MP Absorb anymore, so high defense builds with these have been nerfed.

there’s a build somewhere that’s all defense and low offense, a punch me until you die build.

for PVE, All Resist & Armor become less effective the higher up the floors you go, so at some point, Dodge, Block, Sanctuary, Crowd Control Effects, Miss Talents, moving around are the way to go.

one of the Mod’s had a Wizard with 160k All Resist for PVP that got nerfed (it was Alchemy & MP Absorb build I think).