I have encountered the phantom enemy bug ounce or twice, but this is obsurd

I mean it can be a little anoying, but the sheer number of them makes me wonder if i just created the next set up for luigis mansion lol

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Can u hit those phantoms?

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No they are fully invulnerable and they dont drop loot either. They just walk after you amd glow with otherworldly light. Thats why i call it the phantom bug. Its actualy pretty common on higher floors with lots of enemys.

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Also on that note, they cant atack you. Exept phantom worms.they still can shoot their projectiles, manageing to anoy me even from beyond the grave. They are created when you kill huge hordes of enemies simutaniously.

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Nice. ill add that to my notes HAHAH. Thanks. That pretty awesome. Otherworldly beings in DQ. Just wow!

Speaking bugs here i found another bug

Idk why this happened to me

Glitchy map

So far, ive never encountrred glitches and bug.

What floor are you on?

Pretty intresting things can transpire on the higher floors, speacialy on challenge maps. I encountered this one on a map i augmented to have the maximum amount of enemies posible to grind exp. Btw are you new to dungeon quest? If so welcome on in. If you have any questions me or gollem can usualy answer them and are hanging around to do so. I wish you luck in the dungeons.

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250 still stuck

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My meteor shower build will help u climb @jellydq. Try maximizing power and dmg and some lvl pts on hp.

Eh making that will consume too much time, and Iā€™m broke rn

Can you send screen shots of what your curent build is and how it is played?