I have reached floor 400+ should i ascend now

manashield is no longer working to keep the enemies away, should i ascend now?

i have access to cerebral vortex, crushing flames, druidic, battle mage, iceburn, crystaline(weapon and head), mythical(head), astral drain, masochism, sadism, maelstorm, reactor, and permafrost. i still don’t have the defiant skullshield and planing to buy one. is there any alternative to that skullsheild?

i also used the guide and it looks like this

it’s up to you. are you ready to get Perks? or do you still want to climb floors and/or farm?

for Ascending, just kill monsters on floor 100 or use a floor 100 challenge map. monster experience stops going up at floor 100.

Infusion Talent allows +10% per rank of your All Resist to reduce the damage done to your manashield, which means less mana loss. Barrier Talent reduces mana loss from any attack damage by 1.5% per rank.

the Diffusion Talent will only work when the manashield is blown away and you take damage to your HP. when your MP goes up your manashield takes the damage again and the Infusion has to wait until your shield goes down again.

edit: nvm, barrier and infusion aren’t in the same tier i could use both

ohh thank you. but in addition i have mana problems that’s why I’m using barrier, does using infusion reduces the mana required to be subtracted with manashield up?

when Manashield gets hit by an attack, you lose MP instead of HP.

Barrier reduces the MP lost by an attack by 1.5% per Rank.

Infusion allows your Manashield to use All Resist to reduce damage of an attack on the Manashield before being affected by Barrier. Infusion also increases the All Resist by +10% per Rank.

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Rily bruh

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