I heard this was pretty rare

Is this worth keeping?

defiant are rare. hatcher (warrior OH) drop is pretty rare too. basicly defiant hatcher kind of rare more than defiant skull and trap. keep it.

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This was a warrior hatchet but i used jasper

Can defiant be obtained through crystals?

Normally anything that you can’t attain via crystal is rare.

Legend ED% cannot be gained via Ruby
Defiant cannot be gained via Amethyst

Dont think so, i found a defiant hatchet and i changed it to rogue… I heard its pretty rare like along the lines of nadroji?

Shit I have deleted bunch of defiant items good dammit, someone needs to update wiki

Congrats! Can I ask what floor you found it on?

just go play around with warrior or bring warrior as hireling. just farm for crystal around floor 150-200, u will find that.

Idk honestly i found it on my lvl 8 warrior haha i wanna say i was power leveling on floor 220?

I have nadroji (7) and i just get lucky i guess, 2 defiant and 2 maelstrom in the past 24hrs

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shit defiant is rare???damn and i thought i can get it via amethyst so i just convert those items to crystals after i got them tsk :3