I hope the moderators do not take sides

Maybe the moderators or admins are not on this side. because they should treat all players equally?

What the hell are you talking about?

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the Moderators and Developers cannot treat all Players of the Forum equally. if a Player follows the rules of the DQ Forum, there will be no problems with the Mod’s & Dev’s. but if you do not follow the rules of the DQ Forums, it then depends to what degree the rules have been broken as to how severe the penalty the Player will receive from the Mod’s or Dev’s.


really hope so! unfriendly, known,
to make all players fair

Oh, they’re friendly af…

But when some people which I wont tell just suddenly comes in, yells them to do stuff and questions their actions…

I can honestly say I can understand them.

Have a great day now.


I think sometimes other moderators do not become fair here!
There are other players who have been around for a long time, here in the forum and purely post and they sometimes talk to the side of other moderators.

There’s not really anything to take sides on, so I don’t really understand what the point is here. As far as I’m aware, this is completely random.

If there is anything to take sides on I can assure you that “sides” will not be taken, and the most sensible route to whatever the issue may be will be taken, regardless of who is involved.


I believe this guy is a no chill hardcore player on pvp, everyone he see cheat will be reported, when his report doesny get attention for few hours or days, the guy just rant lol.

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Yeah even the eternal trophies… too much issue …

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You kinda sound Idiot/annoying for real though, Every report that had been made is reviewed by the developers thoroughly, and you’re still salty on that account’s you reported because there still there, you should be thankful that the owner’s of that account’s doesn’t respond here at the forum and also don’t say such thing’s to the moder’s/developer’s that they are one sided on everyone’s issue’s.
Your point is just useless, just move on dummy!
Also to the developer’s/admin of this game keep up the good work.


Maybe this guy @aurarobert2321 is just the guy who’s previous account got suspended/removed by the dev’s… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Actually I know that Aurarobert2321 search his fb account at Albert Cresencio… thats him

explain to me first what the talk of cheaters and disccusion is but their item … even legit players will have a hard time getting such a perfect stat especially on ethernal items

why are you so defensive are you the owner of those accounts huh???


for what else when the admin puts report cheaters if you do not report ?? dude ??? Because other players are unfair and not cheaters and they are ruining the game

If you suspect an account needs to be reviewed please post it in the Reports thread.

Please DO NOT do the following:

  1. Send numerous messages about an account that needs to be reviewed. If it is in the Reports thread it will get reviewed.

  2. Create separate threads about specific accounts or specific players. As mentioned above if you post the account in the Reports thread it will get reviewed.