I just got to lvl 99 with my rogue whats the best thing to do

Need help… Do i lvl up my other heroes or do i continue with my rogue… And also what are the perks or good stuff u can get when u are lvl 99 heheh thanks!

I would suggest ascending your rogue picking up the perk that gives you 200% gold find and luck raising your rogue back up to level 50 and then bringing a hireling so as to maximize efficiency when farming :smile:

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I also do that hahah i am maximizing my luck on rogue and i bring a hireling with me so i can lvl him up faster in higher floors haahaaha… But uhhmm when do i get the eternal item boost find? Hahah

Pick up the eternal and crystal legend find rate up the instant your rogue hits level 99 for the second time I suggest the gold find and luck because you want to be able to easily obtain all of the important legends and do some rudimentary crafting with them which should carry you through floor 500+ mythic 3 then once you pick up the crystal and eternal item find rate it should be very easy to start work crafting them into an actual end game set :smile:

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Thanks so much this is a great help… Sorry for the late reply and thank you for fast respond… Ill do what u just told me thanks!! “”

Super glad to help out I wish you much luck with your farming! :smile: :green_heart: and it’s cool we all have lives outside of DQ that take precedent :+1:

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Thanks befor i barely get any eternal now i get atleast 3 eternals per day hahaha thanks alot for the advice i really appreciate it! :blush::blush::grinning:

Awesome! very soon you’ll be getting them at a rate even faster then that! :smile: :green_heart:

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