I just simply dont understand some things

FIRST : Why do i have a weapon, doesnt matter if it is MH or OH, and that equipped weapon i have has a bigger DPS than a new one i just got, lets say 3900 Vs 545, the new one has a higher lv but same quality and just MP on hit and HP regen in affixes, even though the one i have equipped is way stronger in DPS and affixes, the game still shows me the new one increases my DPS… so, here is the funny question, WTF?? and the serious question, why does this happen? what does it means? shall i trust this?

SECOND : How does the pet’s affixes work? they go getting better with its level? they change? and whats the difference between a pet or another?

THIRD : I’ve got a legend weapon, higher iLvl and mine is still stronger, so i just dont get it, shouldnt it be better in every way just for being legend?

FOURTH : i’ve been thinking on changing my pet for a new one i just got, mine is a lv 100 hound with 2500+ elemental damage and the other one is lv3 imp which affixes i dont know (both or them are epic, thats why im thinking on using the imp) what should i do?

it depends on the affixes and the element that you have.
(please post the items that you have)

as for the pet. yea they go better with the level. they have different skills, depending on the type/kind

of pet that you have (imp=transform/appraise items,hound=gold looting,fairy=healing)

choose the pet with the best affix for your built

My opinion in your confusion,
first, it depends on the weapon you use. e.g. , chakram has a higher damage per hit than using pistols but it is lower damage per second.
maybe I guess it depends on your gameplay type.
second, I think it’s yes. I did not change my normal hound(the one I got when I was level 1) , and it level up, after a few level ups, I noticed that my pet affixes was changed, they get better.
third, it depends again. Some items can be/may be better than legend items.
fourth, just what @darellleyesa said, choose the pet with the best affix for your built.

I hope that I helped you out. :kissing_heart:

I really dont understand this game eiher. I have pretty much the same questions as TS.
I dont even know whats good for me to go for? For now I play as a wizard using Blast and the twister. I have a Gauntlet as a weapon and a skullshield.
Its strange that a level 30 rare item is still better then the level 55+ legendary drops? Is it a bug?

Like this one? How come the DPS is bigger with the lower level item?

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First (thanks for posting) second AWESOME another person that plays on a TV :slight_smile: (i love playing with a controller). You using google/apple/amazon or an emulator?

Ok, as far as understanding the items, you need to see ALL of their information first. You can do that by clicking on the icon that looks like a magnifying glass with a plus in it image

It will show you ALL of the items abilities as well as more info about what they do.

Once you understand that info (use the codex to explain any of the affixes you don’t understand) you can start to learn how each items element (according the floor you are on) affixes, and ability’s all work together.


You can play this game on a tv ? @tdaniel ? :astonished:

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Apple TV’s or Google TVs (like the nvidia shield) and the Fire Tv’s/Fire Sticks


I play it with my apple tv and my nvidia shield with a PS4-controller. Awesome on a 75" TV :slight_smile:
I sync the characater to my account so I can change device, playing the same character in the living room on nvidia shield and then in the bedroom using the apple tv.

Ah, so all info is also determined on what floor you are at? Different enemies changes the damage my weapon does, and this is considered in the overall DPS-difference? So if a floor is filled with enemies that does not like fire, a fire weapon will show more dps even if its a lower ranked weapon?

Any suggestions for going with Blast, Twister? Is it a good setup? Im just at floor 65 now, playing on legendary difficulty mode but the game is super easy. My health meter is not barely touched when playing. Both mana and health seems to be full all the time, or regenerating very fast, so no issues with loosing health or mana.

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If you are on a fire floor and your weapon has “ice” damage that weapon will do more damage to the enemies. You can also change the element on any weapon/item using a low level crystal. That way you can use the same weapon you have an apply different elemental weaknesses to it.

Blast/Twister - These are high damage skills and those can be increased even further if you have the right setup with other items and item affixes. Look through the form for “mythic recipes” . That will give you a quick introduction into how different weapons/items/affixes can work together.


Thanks, I will try to learn how to use crystals. I did ruin my main weapon last time I tried this, because I did not know what the crystal would do.

If just looking at the two weapons here. What is it that makes the epic one better?

Wow…your Hue set up is great!!!

You have an extra attack chance on the rare item. Which would effectively double that items potential if it procs.


Ah, I see! So that makes it a really good weapon then. I hope I can find a better legendary weapon soon in the game, just keep farming. Or is it easier to make an own legendary with the salvage-items?

Thanks, I have gone all in with the hue lights here at home. Its coasy with the color lights at night :slight_smile:

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You can find ton’s of info on the forum about item farming. A quick and dirty one from me:
Put an imp pet on both characters, put on as much magic find as you can and run challenge maps. :slight_smile:


We all start with luck and imps :sunglasses:

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