I kill myself by masochism

(I am very bad at English…)
Hi I’m masochism user (don’t think strangely =.=)
I was died so many many timeswith out hitted even there was no monsters, tnts, skyfall. I think it usally occurs when I eat many hp orbs at one time. (When Like eating hp orbs at the bonus chest)

But self die…? occurs at pvp too. I’m really sad… If it occured, I die without activing santuary. I always died 2 times per three death… plz…
The bug has exsisted for very very longtime…

As it says when above 50% hp healing effects damages you

It’s supposed to kill you.

Changed in last patch.

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but… I don’t think it is correct that I die because of Santuary heal…

I founded it very very before.
I think I had founded when epiphany set was newly created…
But… now… I don’t have to say… yeah…

But… would you make masochism not kill myself…? I’m very angry when I die on the bonus chest. I want to feel satisfaction of my reward of floor killing chatrokeper…
This is me:
“OH…I finished this floor!! (Eating bonus chest) Hahaha…? What?? I’m died again??? Oh…no… masochism… Ahhhhh!!! Angry!!!”

Plz…?? Shiny box…?

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Hahahah thats juat sad

We will have a look at it before we roll out the next patch. What we will do is use your save game to look at the combination of affixes and skills you use.

Since there are so many item/talent/skill combinations it can be difficulty to balance them all.
With that said though, we don’t make changes to the overall utility of an affix just because it doesn’t work in a build scenario.

Risk/Reward of a build has a lot to do with the utility (and I think fun) of a build too!

Oh!!! Thanks guys!!! I love you!!!
:smile: :)blush: :wink: :blush: