I lost all my reward chest

I dunno what happend but i didnt claim my reward chest but when I open my message box its all gone

This is my reward chest last night

Then after playing 4 games without noticing the message box before playing this is the all that i got

send me a DM with your DQ account email address. I will have a look on my end.

DM? Whats that?

Send me a direct message. That way you are not sharing your email address with everyone online :wink:

DM means direct message :smile:

16 eternals plus 43 legends hahahah wish i had that hahaha

Sad i got banned thats why i lost. All of it…:disappointed_relieved::sob:

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That is sad… So sory u got bannedp

I don’t want readers to get an impression that “banning” takes everything away from you. That isn’t true. We discussed via DM what could have happened with your save data.

Just want to make sure we are describing all events accurately.