I love the system here (sarcasm)

This how the system works here, bulok ang sistema kaya madaming umaalis pati magagaling na tester umaalis, kaya ang natira mga batang hamog na pinulot lng ng devs at ginawa ng tester… (The system is rotten so many go out as well as great testers are leaving, so the left young dew is pulled by the devs and made the tester …)

adding English translation for this. Please use English when communicating with the community.

Did u use modified apk ?

besides the post above, how many times have you attempted to download your files? this is actually a counter measure put in place to prevent players from taking advantage when it comes to crafting (i.e. upload your file on the cloud, proceed to use an obsidian/amethyst/ruby/sapphire then when you don’t get the affix/roll you want you simply load up your previous file until you get the desired outcome, rinse repeat).

if your case doesn’t fit in with any of the aforementioned cases, consider giving the devs like tdaniel an email. they’re very quick to respond with issues.

on a side note, pards, kalma lang. puso mo oh. :wink:


Na-flag na ang iyong account at nagsalita kami sa pamamagitan ng DM. Gumawa ka ng isang pagpipilian upang i-play ang laro. Kung hindi mo na gusto ang laro na nauunawaan namin at nais mong luck sa paghahanap ng iba pang mga laro na gusto mong i-play.

Your account has already been flagged and we have talked via DM. You make a choice to play the game. If you no longer like the game we understand and wish you luck in finding other games you like to play.

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I swear this guy is so persistent. Erase constantly posting about this.

This is my real issue @tdaniel that your trying to elude all the time from the very start. Instead you thrown me different issue after different issue again and again. First a account mis-match then im using corrupted save games, then on my daugther account trying to link about her free character slot and your pretending that you dont know the bug on “restore purchase” even told you the topic " about restore purchase" . and put my daugther account in banned league then this to her account. 87k hours

Ive coorperative all the since i email support

…Ive been cooperative all the time since i ve email support try to tell everything what really happen. Sometimes Sarcasm Hurts…

Don’t know what the point of this is. I have taken care of your DM requests. Closing.