I need a good warrior pvp armor set


I really need a a super good pvp armor set to get into eternal league please put pictures of the set and stats please for warrior


use, Defiant, battlemage, scoundrel, plague, CV, Fauns and Vamp…


Mr_Scootys Olympian build is a good pvp build but other than that i wouldn’t know much being in rare arena bc im working on farming for crystals before i make a pvp build


with BattleMage, think of Fauns Gift+Luck and Satyr+Gold Find. and Armor (Cyan) what else? :thinking:


hmm im not sure but with my mage im aiming for a proc build adding onto a Aftermath set im gonna look into it bc i got 2 characters atm a warrior and a mage and my warrior is for frm only so a mage pvp build is important for me