I need a perfect build for my warrior

Im new here in the forum but i played the game 6 years ago…:blush:guys what is the best build for my warrior class?

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It depends what your goal is. PVE or PVP?

I’m sure Golem will chime in soon. He’s a wealth of knowledge.


I had a warrior ounce that looked, and in nature was a living nuklear device. He would run into a hoarde of monsters atack ounce basicly killing everything remotely close to him, and die. I droped the build for obvious reasons and also it was not good on higher floors. I was trying to create a tank at the time for my wizard main, but acidently staryed the cold war. ;-;

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thanks @DJC ! :blush:

actually, Warrior is my weak spot. my most recent thought about Warrior is using Smash to Taunt enemies with +50% to +100% Torrent Proc, and then hitting them with OH Scalp skill, then using Smash to drop more Torrents on the bleeding enemies. but that’s just me. it would be best to just do a Search :mag: on Warrior Builds by Players who love using Warrior.

the thing is, with so many different Skills, Talents, affixes, and Mythics, the best build is the one you like using to smash enemies with while climbing floors or in Battle Arena.

and then, are you asking about a Farm, Ascending, Floor Climbing, or PVP Build?


For PVP sorry i forgot to mention this :joy:i been stuck on legend league division 10 recently

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my items are legend and they are the broadway,
Vengence, My random Epic Armor with random affixes ,sublimation,stolen galea,and lastly ignis bane…is this good?

just so you know, you can get into Eternal League with only Epic affixes… I know, you might not think so, but if I can do it, any one can.

Weapon% dmg & Elemental% dmg don’t work as well as Weapon+ dmg & Elemental+ dmg (because Items are at level 20 in PVP. also, damage is reduced 90%.)

an affix, like Adventurer Set affix, wouldn’t work in PVP because there is no Gold to pick up in Battle Arena. not all affixes work well in PVP, and some work better than others.

my advice is practice making Epic affix PVP Builds to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t. when you get into Eternal League, you can start using better affixes and items for better builds.

some advice… when making Epic affix builds for PVP or PVE, use Legend items. use Kyanite to take affixes off, as using Quartz will cause the Legend Item to become normal. Legend items used for builds, when crafting, the affixes will only go down to 75% of the affix max value, while crafting Epic Items, affixes can go anywhere from lowest to highest affix values, even with Item Quality +25%.

Last, I’m still learning to make good PVP Builds, so anyone with good advice, please help! also, Searching :mag: PVP Builds will give you a good idea of what serious PVP Players are using.

another thing, there are no perfect builds in PVP. no matter how good a build is, someone can make a build to defeat it. or the Dev’s will nerf it if it is really op and say it is for game balance.

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Oh…ok thanks for the advice @Golem:grin:

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