I need a second (multiple) opinions

So, I’m finally gonna post my baby “build” that I have going on. As you can sort of see, it’s a “dps/greengarden/farm” kind of a build. Lol but it doesn’t specialize in any of those fields.
I’ve been using Pandemic for awhile, but I finally got the eternal bow and I’ve heard such great things about Pathfinder. However, I’m not sure which would be better. Assuming I use Fletcher for bow, and mutilate for gun, which would be better? Also, feel free to guide my build in a better direction. I’m currently at about 510 on M1 doing pretty well.

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Thank you… he’s my pride and joy right now. Haha

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Haven’t get an ETERNAL PET… but too many LEGEND PETS hahaha LOL but still ETERNAL is SICK!


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Dammit… I hate being summoned. That means I actually have to do something.

First off, take advantage of all of your Crystal and Set affix slots.

Pump that legendary ED%!

Pathfinder is cool if you use Dodge. The bow has too many useless affixes to be useful on your build, however.

You can use Mutiny, you can use Vacuus Scipio, you can use whatever. I would use Mutiny with Fury. Love that flintlock.

One elemental crit affix is enough for your whole build.

Let’s get ready to rrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmm- pump that Blight. Everywhere.


I definitely appreciate this Skaul, but in regards to the whole Pandemic+Mutilate versus PathfinderBow+Fletcher, which do you see would give a higher dps?
I’m trying to figure out what set affixes I wanna use and what I wanna do for a Lil bit first. I really wanna make my own build, but that Greengarden is awesome…

Making a build is actually really difficult.

As for the weapon choice, I would use the Pandemic. Definitely more damage there.

^what skauls said is 100% accurate the only thing I’d say is that what ever you end up doing you want your first build too be a fully fledged farmer it will make your life 5000% easier :smile: