I need advice on how best to lay traps in arena


@dickwad that pet is amazing for Bleed Type Rogue.


Thanks @kiane_zaine :sunglasses:


@dickwad if you craft your build based on your Pet (Elements) the result is awesome. :+1: like this

Elements is much more Effective. :slight_smile:

@Mr_Scooty has anyone tried Stealth Proc on Arena?


wow hey u strong :hugs:


thank you @shynly :smile:


@kiane_zaine i tested stealth . Its ok but your gains result in lower damage and longer contests which increases the number of chances to get hit.


@dickwad i mean the Legend Stealth Proc crafted by Ruby. not the OH special.


. Shes nearly finished. Obviously i will have to change some chrystal affixes. But she will do for now.



Legend Stealth Proc and Stealth Skill are the same thing. they are just applied differently. the Proc’s do the same thing as the Skills. the Skill needs to be on the OH Weapon and then needs to be cast to be used. the Proc can be on any item (not Pet or Trinket), and has a 25% chance to be Proc’d per second when you are casting Skills from your Weapons. you can get a Proc up to 100%, but that is 4 spaces. plus, Procs have the same cool down as the Skill it is based on, so Skills with a long cool down might not be ready to Proc every second.


@Golem. thanks! that makes sense. so its useless in arena.


Not useless @kiane_zaine if you just donate one or two slots for a 50 % proc then forget about it. But donating 4 slots to it seems pointless when you put better things in. Even simple dodge :slight_smile:




in addition to what @dickwad said, because more and more players are making Immortal Builds that have high Damage Reduction and HP, Stealth becomes harder to use in Arena. Stealth improves your defense a lot at the expense of reducing the damage you do by half. I don’t know if the 50% reduced damage is lowered in Arena, but you are still doing lower damage when Stealth is activated. I bet there are some players who don’t want to give up on Stealth and have figured out a way to keep using it in the current Meta of the Arena.