I need awesome farming set

Im a wizard , just started playing a few days ago . Just curious what a good route to go would be to have an ultimate farming set

Here maybe this will help a bit

Read it thoroughly.
I was a wizard too but i didnt get a chance to look at this when i was a beginner, its pretty good tho.

Advice: keep playing, reading and testing out effects. Its important to understand the basics first.

Find flashers13 wizard build. Haha

Flasher13s build is very expensive and its not for newbiess

Maybe the aftermath build?

Lmao same… But less complicated.

All he need is the 5 aftermath parts i guess. I tried that one before. Its gucci for newbie.


Aftermath build for farming extremely good for newbie. Simple to make and cheaper. Also you can add crushing flames, some farm affixes ,some damage affixes and done. That’s exactly what I have.

Epiphany is more on the high end which is if they reach floor 600+ or bought them using dust farming.


Yep. Thats wat im talking abt. But i dnt know how to attach the guide here. Can you teach me how to attach guides?

Copy link address then paste in your comment

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Ty paps

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Thanks guys