I need guidance


Please guide me with the best build to farm gold,crystal,mythstones at floor 300+… Wizard😋 thanks


git gud


Ascend your character (and your hireling if you have one).

Increases gold for selling items and a ton of other perks as well.

Get one of your characters to level 99, go to the shop button, press on the Icon of a Person being struck by lightning (costs 5 million gold).


This build farms floor 500m3 superfast and can farm 1000m3 if you want to unlock drops from higher floors.


Thanks all


What it meant by ascend


here is a quick description of what it does:


When you Ascend, your character will be returned to level 1. Their equipment will be placed back into your inventory (since that equipment will have levels too high for your ascended level 1 character to use)


Thanks for sharing its really knowledgeable thread.