I need help best build for farming for each class

me only using eternal items with 20 fortune

What do you want to farm?

you can use Eternal Items to start with if you want to, but you can barely use any Crystals on them.

eventually you will use Legend Items for your Builds, and maybe have one or a few Eternal Items if they fit in your Builds.

a General Farm Build just needs enough Luck & Gold Find to reach the Cap, and the rest of the Build is for killing monsters and staying alive. having better Item Drop Rate increases how much loot is dropped.

if you want your Farm Build to focus on something, like finding Eternal Items, get items with the Set that improves your chances of getting what you want.

the rest is up to you based on your play style and which weapons and skills you like to use.


@olkyora use the farming build of @NUIQUE and @HawkEye or the farming build with @Skaul


@olkyora you can make a farm build with all four of these sets on it at the same time. Nadroji, Eternalized, Mythic, & Crystaline.


As golem says those sets are essential for a good farming build provided you don’t climb to lunatic high floors. Nadroji is very easy to find. The other 3 sets drop at higher floors so you need to create a killing machine and just slap luck affixes and gold find to start with. Then ascend ( which gold find will help.)


crystals, mythics,legends,and eternals

how ?

Use crystalline/mythical MH ,the other one on hat, nadroji/eternalized on ring and the other one on amulet.


thank you

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if you don’t want to use the Nadroji Bonus, then you only need a Nadroji Ring or Necklace. this lets you use another Chest Item with a different Set. the rest is the same as @DuDono mentioned in his post.