I need help in making a mythic item

Pls does someone here know how to make a mythic item? I realy need to know where to farm the items and how to craft them… I also need the requirementS… Thanks


@Eater What do u mean by MH WEAPON AND OH WEAPON?

MH = Main Hand Weapon
OH = Off hand Weapon - Secondary

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Ohhwww hahah thanks that was informative… I appreciate ur effort… Thanks alot

Consider reading a codex, it has also other very helpful information.

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Yup already tried but there was little information about mythics hahah maybe because i dont use them much

I know there isn’t much information on some topics or it is sometimes wrong like this one (should be “Restores MP” instead of “Restores HP”):

But it is right in the dictionary section of mythics:

For the mythics always refer to their dictionary explanation instead of the section where you have their recipes.

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your welcome @deathGG :smile: also read some at codex will be a great guide at game

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Thanks guys i appreciate it