I need help -thorns


I have fought a bunch of battles against Epic+ monsters since this thread was started, and have noticed a few strange deaths by thorns myself. my main heal is +250 HP on hit, and usually I win the battle, usually with half of my HP left. but there are a few times where all of a sudden I am dead, even when I am not near the monster. even an epic+ slime has taken me out when I am not close. so I wonder if Epic+ monsters have a damage boost to thorns? also, if a mob has thorns, and you hit the mob with an AOE attack, you get hit with multiple thorns and can die that way. with Hunter Perk, I have had 2+ Shrine Guardians appear with thorns, and when both their thorns are active and I am hitting them both at the same time, I end up dead if I am not careful.
one thing I have noticed is when my battery is low, there is a little lag, and I have died by thorns that way a few times, but there are still the other Death by Thorns I have experienced.
these are just some of my observations, I hope they are helpful.


So i have to apply Epiphany(5)+ to get higher block %


any amount of epiphany. the point is that epiphany will raise your caps by rank%


Use special skills instead of primary skills.


Whats that


Use special skills since it deals more damage than primary skill. Killing them fast and effective.

Use stun to help fighting with thorn mobs.


You mean like those freeze,immolate, and those


Use talent for example: Bewilder (stun) for wizard, Propulsion (knockback) for rouge and Fustigate (stun) for warrior.


These are special skills of equipment i get it


Main spells of your weapon: Storm, Twister, Multishot, Torrent, Skulldraga, etc.


Skills that require level to unlock, or secondary skills of weapons.


Use all your resources to your advantage.