I need help -thorns


I need help dealing Epic Enemies having Thorn power …

Guysss…how can i avoid being killed by these epic monsters… I have 48% block crystal affix which doesn’t help at all(also how can i maximize this block %… I guess this is my only choice to battle thorn monsters)…if there’s any other way please enlighten me​:grin::grin::grin:


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You should be stay alert because Monster’s activating Thorns are visible (A semi like lightning shield that surrounds on the body of the monster). And also thorns can’t kill you but only left 1hp :joy:


It looks like manashield O.o . Thorns can’t kill unless masochism but I would have thought masochism fixed that by now. But masochism just has that price to pay for more DMG to combine with Bloodmagic , defiant, demonic or any set based on missing HP.


Tell me more😃


Well add bloodmagic to your gear amd use thorns against them :grin:


Blood magic…is that the mythic build item


blood magic is also a set affix


Thorns doesn’t kill me. 1HP ftw.




Indeed. 1HP always! Tbh, I never died from thorns. I could understand masochism killing but that’s it really.


So how do i survive when dealing with them




How can i maximize my crystal block afix 48% and dodge affix 30%




hm. i thought crysyal block max roll was 45



Can’t roll out more than 40%


Yes i think. But there are some guys here doing upto 80%


not on one crystal roll…


Yeah. Also the cap is 60% block and dodge without Epiphany . Epiphany (5) gets it to 75%. Epiphany (8) gets 84% block and dodge as cap. Of course yeah it’s 45% block in one crystal affix and 30% dodge in one crystal affix.