I need help

I found a Knight CS farm but idk how to make the mythics Affix, can anyone help me about it?

:arrow_up:the build i wanted make


U can just go ahead and search in the forums on the kind of mythic u want to have then make sure to have all the mythstones ready then u need the crystal who makes empty sockets on items where u can place mythstones

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U have to make the mythic affix first before adding any other affixes.
Be sure to have 4sockest available and go search for the mythic combinations.

What i do is ghis,

Mythic — Crystal — Legend — Epic — last is the set affix. Hope it helps. But i know the hero of DQ can help u @Golem.

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Oh okay Thanks!

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This is my trash build rn still stuck on 267 ~ 270


Recycle bin would useful xd


That is nice to farm for legends+ items to allow you have you dream build. Thats no trash, just ascend through floors youll get many things!

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take off one of these from Lance - Pickup Radius or Sprint Proc and put in Epic +100% Weapon Damage.

take Dodge off of the Horn and put in Epic +15% Block (:arrow_down:).

on higher floors, MP Absorb & Reflect damage are kind of useless, as you can get 1 shot killed eventually. you should get a new Allflame and put a Crystal +45% Block, this way Bulwark Talent will be more useful

is this a Farm Build? if so, you need to have enough Gold find & Luck affix to max to cap with Fortune Skill.

the Ring, have Items that give you max Luck and then use Dust to get an Eternal Ring of the Mountain with a Crystal Crushing Blow, since you are putting +45% Crystal Block on the OH.

these are small changes, but will make the build more effective in farming and fighting.


okay I’ll try

They just won’t give me Block…


And my Networth Crashed…

And i got 225℅ luck too… (Cries in pain cuz Obsidian and diamond is gone)

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Got it

Myggod! Thats alot of obsidian use! :heart_eyes:


True! That’s my entire Pocket! The last obsidian gave me Block, truly Clutch


Block can only be rolled on OH, there are only a few Warrior Items that are not OH that have Block on them. I think 2-3 MH weapons and 1 each of Chest, Head, & Ring. Necklace doesn’t have Block and you can’t get Block on Pets… :crying_cat_face: .

good job with the Obsidians! back to farming when you need them again!!!


Currently farming those xD

Im on rouge now. Ill try to surprise thia forum xD HAHAHA

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500 Bouncing or 500 Aimbot arrows/second? :joy:

Lol HAHAHAH u got me laughing, aimbot and bouncing xD. Wyy not slash and return? Lol if i made sense xD

I think he’s saying Ricochet from Flintlock and Nature Seeking Arrows from Bow.