I need more mythicstones

Still struggling on floor 500+ with wizard and warrior hireling.now i need more mythic stones, how can i increase myth-stones drop rate? I dont think Using 2 mythical set affix doesnt really help to increase the drops… Need your help here. Thanks😊

I don’t… Lol. There’s is the mythology set I think?

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Thanks anyway😁

Mythical Helps, but if you’re feeling it doesn’t, you can just run a standard farm set with high luck and item drops to help on this. Also, I bet you have thousands of low level mythstones, so you can just convert them, but it may be somewhat expensive…


Definitely. Floor 500 is affected by the +5 tier rarity for Mythstones the same way as crystals so higher end mythstones are much easier to get with high item drops and constant farming. Maxed out item drops is 200% (300% when using hirling). The same floor 500 is also a good place to earn tons of crystals too. Mythical is helpful but it isn’t truly necessary since once you gather enough mythstones, you’ll never have to farm mythstones ever again.

I did floor 500 easy but any difficulty is fine as long as you have no trouble and legend maps are especially good for Mythstones and crystals due to 400%+ crystal rarity and mythstone rarity legend affix or 500% and extra item drops.

If you found Epiphany set legends , you can use them to increase the cap. From 200% to 250% item drops (350% in hirling mode instead of 300%). The reason it’s 300% or more item drops with Hirlings is because it’s 200% and the Bonus over the cap 100% item drop.


Mythology helps a little bit. I’m struggling on 500 + too.

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@dickwad Mythology Legend Affix increases DMG of Mythic Skills while Mythical Set Affix increases Mythstone drop rate.


Ahh Yea, that’s the one. I always say the wrong thing too… lol


Yeah. Since the two affixes are on the same item.

There’s also another thing to confuse. Mythical Set Affix and Mythical Mythic.

Wow say that mythical mythic thing five times in a row. The tongue twister when you say mythical and mythic and other lol.
Seriously the Mythical set affix Increases mythstone rarity by 37.5% and the Mythical Mythic affix increases Mythic DMG by 25% which is basically a halved mythic version of Mythology .

Too many words of the Mythics.

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