I need some advice with my build

I’m trying to farm crystals and mythstones on floor 101 and 181. I was told those where the best farming floors. I can max my luck on EP 3 but I’m only able to get my item drop rate up to 200%. which I belive is very low? My windy ninja build (my first personal build) can do fair damage 490k a second and stun lock but should I abandon and start over to get more drops? Any questions are welcome.

Best floor for crystals and mythstones are 500+ or exactly 200 if you can’t do 500+ fast. Floor 200 is also best for exp and gold farm.

Item drop cap is 200% if solo or 300% with hireling. With epiphany it’s 250% and 350%.


you can also ung challenge map and luck affix

But luck doesn’t affect what mythstones or crystals dtop

Well while you are farming for mythstone and crystals, you can also farm for items heh…

about thatits a random but you can use crystalline and mythical affix forrare crystal and mythic stone drop

try to earn Millions of GOLD and Tonsof Legendary items . then Try them to Convert . it will give a nice crystal form peridot to jasper sometimes it gives zircon to obsidian … eternal items too . they were great in convertin … i got 5 consecutive obsidians in 5 eternal items :smile:

Msiiek is right about the best CS drop in higher maps. Rarity of CS gets a +1 for every 100 floors (so above floor 500 you get +5 to rarity which is max bonus). Converting unused eternals and crystal legends guarantees a jasper or higher I believe, converting legends (red items) gets you the middle tier CS. You can get the ascension that gives you a permanent boost to crystal/eternal drops, which will help. You can also watch the shop vendor and occasionally he offers a jasper for 5.4 mil gold which could give you any CS from jasper to obsidian. You could also convert your CS up, which is more expensive than spending the 5.4 mil gold in the shop. Lastly, you can try farming for them on the level of choice and use Pack size challenge maps, more monsters means more drops and thus more chances for cs/ms. You can reroll any map to have pack size using larimar, and reroll the %'s using diamond. Happy hunting :wink:


This is my curent farming/PvE build it’s not the best but with 32 points in guide shot it does a fairly good job. As to the floor I can’t get past 350. The enemies are just to strong.

about the living force it works for chakram …bow you need 1 more multi atk on it you.can also remove buccaneer, buccaneer is for gun. Use plague poison for higher DMG

Ok um that’s confusing care to explain further please?

remove buccaner, living force and ascendent change it to plague, momentum, adventure green affix

Ok next dumb question. How do I get green affixes?

Using the crystal Amethyst will give you a random list of set(green) affix to choose from. But there are some affixes that cannot be obtained from Amethyst and can only be obtained through drops. An example would be an item that you already have, the Stone of Nadroji ring.
These are the affixes that cannot be obtained through Amethyst:

  • Crystalline
  • Mythical
  • Nadroji
  • Eternalized
  • Defiant
  • Maelstrom
  • Gladiator
  • Seven Deadly Sins
  • Masochism
  • Smoke Screen
  • Cerebral Vortex
  • Mayhem
  • Epiphany
  • Berserker

Credits to Crystal Crafting Restrictions for the list.

Read more about crystals on that thread (Crystal Crafting Restrictions) and this: Griffin's Smithery: Crystals

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