I need some build help

So ive been playing maybe a month or so and i have quit a few eternals but still no solid build. Im just gonna pop a few items on here and see if you fellas can help me build around it.

Ooooo i just found this pretty girl what can i do with this???

I’d craft a gear with discordance (swaps mainhand special & primary skills) & spam twister. You can also use as-is because latest patch fixed blast.

"Blast’s hero skill frequency increased by 100%

Blast now has a wider spread when using Multi Attack"

Ty bud all ive really been doing is farming i dont really understand all the building yet and usually just try and copy a build from the forums

This build will give you some ideas of how to use blast. I realize it’s an advanced build but still can learn from it.

This is probably the best guide for a first character build. Lots of peeps like it.