I need suggestion about my build


Main hand I always use apocalypse. But that’s my preference.


If u want to use mh zeus… change ur head and give it mythic discordance, u can put +225 luck here…

Skull shield 40 point, will make ur jurney easy, it like conquer haki (one piece anime), u walk = enemy die…

U can change ur toxic affix / elemental crit affix, 74% to much… 30% only u need… u can change it to luck or gold find


Thanks bros, Ill keep that in mind, im now on floor 315 and seems like its easy with my build but I know it gets though as soon as I reach 350+ or so and about the elemental critical chance? 30% is already enough? I thought its best when you got higher percentage and also elemental crit dam. And yeah do +4 Multi attacks still work on orb?


Multi attack on orb work only when u use discordance mythic… (read dictionary for more information)
30% elemental crit is enough because u hit multiple monster( and it have cap)… better to invest another set…
For elemental crit damage, good if u can get more, because no cap for it…
And maybe if u can add 100% elemental damage affix, but it cannot roll via ruby… 2-3x affix enough… for ur next build u made.

Ahh… yess… before u made new build, search at forum… so u not waste crystal


as far as the Elemental Critical Cap goes, it mostly refers to the Wizards Wizardry Talent, and maybe the Legend Elemental Critical affix. on the Stat Page, when you look at a Skills Elemental Crit, it can go over 40%, but only for that specific Element, unless you use Prismatic, which is a different topic. I have had 2x Legend EC for +60%, but the problem with this is that monsters, after 4-5 EC’s, can’t be EC’d any more. so +30% to +40% is better. also space considerations come into play, using up 4 or more spaces for EC when you only need 1 or 2, will make you weaker either on Defense or Offense.


Thanks so much guys :blush: