I need suggestion about my build

Been using this build since floor 200+ and im at 270+ now and after playing one of these floors I summoned a legend enemy and it destroyed me with just one hit no matter what i do, I keep on reviving until my revive cost turn to 500k and then I stopped it seems like I lack something in my build that destroys bosses :frowning: , pls help guys. Thanks.
Btw cant post my build with picture since im new, but here are the details.

Class Mage
Poision Build
Legend for Affix:
MH Weapon
Eternal Steiger's Fortune of Death + 50%
*203.5% Luck
^50% Damage
"20 Fortune
"28.5% MoveSpeed
"92% Item Drop
'145.4% Gold Find

OH Weapon
*Astral Vengeance of Greed +5%
( Changed Sp. Skill to Taunt )
*65.2 Total Mp
"49% Item Drops
"21.5% Mirror Image Proc
"340.6% Explosion
'15% Toxic

*Wildhide of Death +5%

  • 1311.5 Mp Regen
    " 88.8% Blight
    " Ignore Resist
    " 21.6% Torrent Proc
    ' 500 Hp Regen

*Thor of Wisdom 5%

  • 26.1% Dodge
    " 25% Slow Orb
    " 25% Storm Proc
    " 233% Reflect Damage
    ' +10 Orb

"Stone of Nadroji of Luck +5%
" +2 Set Numbers
" +3 Talents
" 28.2% Elemental Critical
' +10 Orb
' 7500 Hp

"Nadroji's Crystal of Luck +5%
" +2 Set Numbers
" +3 Talents
" 29.4% Elemental Critical
' 500 Hp Regen
' 14.8 % Crit Chance

Genesis (Imp) Poision Lvl 97 -3%
' 9.4% Crushing blow
' 7202 Mp
' 6494 Hp
' 73.1 Crit Damage
' 14% Crit Chance

HP regen 2K+
MP regen 9k+

LUCK 650%
Total Enemy Rarity 100%
Ultra Rare Legend Drop 75%
Int. 20
Fortune. 39
Orb. 40

Change ur oh cosmic power or pet with plagued set ( because u use poison) it a must set for poison

Remove affix 500 regen and change it to dodge for survival or 20% poison damage…
Add sanctuary mythic to amulet, keep +2 all set,

Add elemental crit damage (blight ) via ruby affix atleast 200-300%… u can change it on ur bracer and head…

Use talent amplify on head

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Thanks for the suggestion bro, but as for now its hard to find ruby in floor 270+, im looking forward to it since im already seeing garnet and zircons. Anyways I dont have any plagued set pet though but i got flame -6% with element as set is it okay?

Btw I just got this one, should i keep it or go for my bracer and wait for rubies? Tried playing with it and it destroys mobs so quick

For now, just change ur off hand with plagued, u can create using dust, seqrch on codex, for pet u can use it…

U can farm at 200 floor until u get resource, convert eternal drop only, and salvage legend drop… u dont need to farm at high floor for crystal.
When u get resource, u can make new build for high floor, just search at forum… and hireling will help u a lot when farming…

But then it lowers my item drops and mana pool

Yeah… use it until u get many resource

Put ur poin to mana,
Ur elemental crit affix to much, it only need 30%,
U can remove and change to affix u want (item drop etc.)

On ur head u can change all affix, u dont need reflect damage affix too, it useless affix

Oh okaay thankks broo well appreciated :blush:


first, since this is a Farm Build, make sure it can take out Mythic Monsters up to floor 200 M3.

+60% Dodge is important for survival. if you can add +45% Crystal Block on your OH, even better. Sanctuary has a 30 second cool down, so if you are dying a lot, it is just taking up space.

if you are using Bracer, you have way too much HP and not enough MP, those numbers need to be reversed. also, having 20 in the Talents Barrier & Infusion will make your Mana Shield stronger and help you survive better if you get hit on the lower floors you are farming. other wise, use OH Orb for Teleporting out of danger, or Skull to have Skull Shield for extra automatic firepower. that Tome isn’t worth it unless you plan on only using the Skills on your MH or using Minions to help kill monsters.

putting points into Mana Shield increases damage done by Reflect Damage, but since you don’t want to get hit, using Redirect Mythic allows you to Reflect Damage when you Dodge or Block, increasing the RD DMG by +100% if you Dodge or Block, and Electrified Set increase Reflect Damage and also makes Reflect Damage a 25 foot AoE centered on you. going this route means no Sanctuary.

take out Mirror Image & Torrent Procs, and maybe put in an Orb Proc.

getting Crushing Blow to +20% or even +30% instead of the almost +10% on the Imp would help a lot in taking care of the Epic+ monsters

basically, until you have a Crystal +30% Dodge, just getting to Dodge +60% will take up space.

and also all the good advice from @brang.


Block and dodge is essential .

Thanks bro’s but I used the tome now since it can destroy enemies much more like for a lot of mobs I can kills cartographer instantly and if not I can kill it for 3-4 seconds im in 290 now and acending with the tome seems more fast since it has blight damage plus I hp% for now im on 55% dodge rate and still i need more suggestion on whats best if I continue the tome one, thanks once again

Ans I got reclaim because skull shield helps a lot

Put necrotic as armour talent to boost skull shield damage.

Okaay thanks, what about the oh weapon is it already good? Btw got an eternal zeus right now it has +4 Multi attacks,45% Arc dodge and Slow Orb and high dps but when I use it I lose my 200% Luck

just put the luck somewhere else. number one problem with Farm Builds is the space needed to farm stuff.

when you get Ruby & Amethyst, you can roll Blight & Plagued on any item. so if you put them on a Skull for instance, you could switch Reclaim to Fester, which is better for Poison Build, since Fester increases DoT per Second & length of time Poison DoT lasts. Poison & Fire DoT is one hit per second for 8 seconds for Poison & 2 seconds for Fire. Fester 20 is 3 DoT hit in 2 seconds. Fester last for 4 seconds, so if you continuously hit something, your DoT does better. Fester & Sorcery make good combo with Poison & Fire Builds.

Woaaah thaanks thats really the thing ive been planning to, I wanted the have the skull as OH because of high dps and Gauntlet as MH (especially with defiant), Ill keep this in mind, Ill farm more crystals and just save it for later.
Just another question though, what would be the best mythic for an OH and MH? Assuming I have gauntlet and Skull, (In my idea I love gauntlet to have cosmic orb + discordance on helm? And for OH? I dont have any idea to it, maybe nova? And chnge sp. Skill to teleport?) Anyways thanks for the suggestion again bro :smiley:

usually Nova on OH, the other 2 OH Mythic more dependent on specific builds. I like Earthquake, but most like using Cosmic Orb on MH. Gauntlet is short range primary skill, and Special is Twister, unless you change the Skill, so MH Mythic to compensate for that might be good, like Arc or something. depends on the rest of the build.

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Nova is great. Also get a rogue trap . Put Nova on it. Then amythist over load on it. Then convert to a wizard skull with Jasper. Lots of damage.