I need tips on AI settings because I'm rubbish


More importantly locate your build weakness and choose the nature to make it better. Lose elixirs from armour and weapons and replace with either hp epic or elemental damage


Hp epic or very useful legend affixes. Looking good though


I usually do 2x Death for my Natures, so I can get my Crit Chance to 60% (10% base Crit, usually 45% Crit (Crystal), and 2x Death give 60% Crit Chance). the other 4 Natures are whatever I need for my build. the Codex has a list of the Natures and the bonus they give.


Going to test it out on my snowman build


Death gives +2.5% Crit Chance each. so 2x Death, base Crit Chance, and 45% Crit from 1 crystal crit or 3x Epic Crit give 60% crit chance, which is the cap. if a player is ok with 50%, then you don’t need Death Nature, but I like to see purple Crit numbers flying around the map when I hit monsters.


@Golem @dickwad Natures on my current build was 2 Death and 4 Strength.