I need tips on AI settings because I'm rubbish


Ideas please


PvE or PVP?

Describe or post your craft(s). Will see what I can do to help. You can DM me also if you want.


Pvp builds using ranged attacks in a relatively close proximity to chip away at the enemy but with sufficient distance to keep your opponent chasing after you


https://youtu.be/dw7QVOCDtpY Here is an example @Mr_Scooty. Hireling is an immortal that uses eternal mayhem armor and a crafted battlemage sword. I want to max his behaviour for 2v2 pvp.


All observations below based on your Nathan hireling.

Your hireling should last longer if it’s immortal / alchemy build. For starters, check his range setting. You want him within a 3 to 5 yards from your main based on what I see. You want the second range “avoid enemy” at ~20 yards. You want to use skull shield as often as possible in your settings.

Your hireling looks like it is blood magic build but has very little HP. As a reminder for everyone, Permafrost’s MP absorb does not work with blood magic nor does legend MP Absorb. I would highly suggest alchemy resource mythic and permafrost for hireling. Energy mythic would be nice also if you do not want alchemy. Make hireling element ice and use skulldraga for Off hand special. Do not use whirlwind since it is a very close range attack. This means you will only use 2 skills - OH primary skull shield and OH secondary skulldraga. It also appears you are using charge on MH primary - if you want to keep this skill you will want to use this sometimes if enemy is within 30 yards.

In his behavior settings, Make him enter survival mode at 50% HP. You appear to have druid regeneration. Don’t forget you only need one druid set on the amulet to activate druid bonus for 3500 regen/sec.

That should be enough to get a little better results.


Cheers @Mr_Scooty. I’ve been meaning to get rid of that blood magic ring. I may have to get rid of battlemage set affix as I’m lumbered with whirlwind.


gonny try my wiz and rouge on 2v2 Battle :grin:


@kiane_zaine I’ve noticed that eternal chests drop less the higher you go in the league’s. But I did drop my 2nd eternal trophy after 5 days of dull drops. So I’m not complaining


LOVING THE NEW AI SETTINGS! My hireling has gone crazy lol :slight_smile:


My hireling now behaves like a mad dog on a very short chain


@Mr_Scooty here are the results . Not made an alchemy ring yet. Just disabled whirlwind and added your AI ideas. https://youtu.be/XH4D0ZgCrZE I like scalp on hireling because unless your opponent has perseverance then they are in trouble before they meet your main character


@kiane_zaine what items is your rogue wearing?


@dickwad have you thought of Living Force for your Hireling so more damage when Scalp returns, if the enemy is in range? any Bleed on the return of Scalp will be higher then when it goes out/away. even if the enemy has Perseverance to stop the bleeding, it wont stop the extra damage from Living Force. if you have the room on your gear, that is.


I may just have enough room for another set affix change @Golem :slight_smile:. But my options such are really tight. I have torrent proc so even cerebral vortex would be cool if you could get it by amythests (which is impossible )


I’m 3 legend pets short of completing the codex @Golem. Unfortunately one is called Merlin


Merlin’s Imp. losing my hope to get Eternal for that Elusive Imp. :disappointed:


as of now she’s just a decoy coz of low level. :frowning: need to level her to 99. need to farm for crystals. i want to start with CosmicORB+Frozen+Explosion+Permafrost.


Impressive Progress on my Rouge has just begun. :sunglasses:


Try a equality ring with blood magic mythic as a swap :wink:


@kiane_zaine unify your nature’s on your gear to one carefully selected nature. Otherwise the bonuses are wishy washy :slight_smile: