I payed most of my £10 google play gift card to support shinybox

Awesome! It does feel weird though that the special offer box no longer exists because I was so used to it being there :smile: . Worth supporting the game and cool vanities in return :slight_smile: .


wow nice new update is coming

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Yea. Just testing it and patching up a few bits with the tester group and shinybox as well as just having fun really. I think everyone will love the update once it comes out.

any leak at update or when?haha

Not atm yet. Only leak is the version no but not much elsr I leaked. Maybe my future youtubes will leak the patch in some form but not now :slight_smile: .

you I wanna see it :blush:
so you are youtuber what name? :smile:

Just justin thomas but with a gembox. I don’t feel like uploading often because I’m not used to it but I may do it as hobby. I will upload videos though once in a while if I need to. I could rename myself but not really sure what u want to name myself atm.

i search you at youtube and a golfer show up hahaha. I just want to follow you so I can watch some updates

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Go on my pvp build post meteor god and you will find youtube videos somewhere in that post.

can you help me at the title of it so it is easier to find

You will find my channel from there :slight_smile: . On youtube search, search: Dungeon Quest Meteor God or something like that. Maybe even write the exact video title on youtube if you can. You may find my channel from there :smile: Good luck!

thanks a lot mate :blush:

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Your welcome :slight_smile: . Btw how much hp is best for arena nowadays because you suggested to add more hp for the arena build I made. Now that I am generally more experienced at building stuff, more so for pvp in some aspect, I can definitely do well :slight_smile: . Also, what other options for better pvp survival? Stealth still?

best hp for me is depend on the player i guess and yes stealth some build eating some perse, pathfinder, vanish, stealth proc, and resist so even if you had a low hp it doesnt matter because they can’t hit or they only have a low dmg because you have a defense build.

So stealth/vanish combo is still viable. However its 1 second though but I can improve my previous arena build maybe or try something different. Either way, it work well. I asked about the hp bit because theres lot of dominating warriors or so with million hp I heard. Personally, I haven’t reached eternal division 1 to find out but I will try. Defense build is an idea to use too :).

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id they fix the veil ops rouge can dominate again :slight_smile: but for now vanish/stealth combo works well but now the problem is power kinda hard to balance the defense build + power due to lack of affix slot because almost 70-80% already used for defense build

I see. How about offense builds? Well I may figure out somehow if I try out and have enough crystal to test out what I need or want.

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offense might work well at player and AI

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Fair enough :slight_smile: .

:slight_smile: I can create a player build but not for AI build not good at doing a AI setting :joy: