I think i am the luckiest dq player with this pet


As a wizard that’s currently even using pathfinder, that’s a decent find. Well done. :sunglasses:

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I think i can know go on eternal div 1 hahah

Hey that’s not too bad.

Grats on that, my enslaver feat pet is cosmic power. Salvaged it immediately lmao

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Well it’s not exactly eternal and it’s totally useless and shows no signs of being any use to me anytimeever. This was still a pretty kewl find for me. :joy:

I waited to have this pet for a year but still, its a big NO for me. :anguished:

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LOL I’m so disappointed with it. :joy: I was like … AAAah!
And then I was like… Ah. Damn.


I’m jealous about dat luck :cry:

guys do you think Im cheater because of midlumer latest post? answer me honestly please

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if yes i will never use this pet in pvp it tooks 9hrs per day for almost 7 months for me to find a pet like this but i think it’s not worth it however its ok for me coz i can go on div 1 without that pet

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Mythic Enslavers this days.

why salvage?

I got pissed off, lol i was expecting a shibe or whatever slime it may be

Playing for 2 weeks now, with 3 toons (7x warrior-ascended / 9x rogue / 9x wiz), and this is what i got last night farming at myth 1 floor 110. Not that good, but I’m happy got a legend pet for the 1st time. :smiley: