I think this guy is cheating in the arena

Have you downloaded the newest update of DQ? The profile should be fixed with the latest update.
Btw. The modified items doesn’t count to the stats. :slight_smile:

I just lost a 13 win streak to another cheater!

pissed me off. This keeps happening.

I hope you ban him

I am asking you again: Which version of DQ do you have?

The latest one

Rev 3528 nothing more in the play store for me to update. I checked

Ok, noted. Thank you for the reports :slight_smile:

Another cheater robbed me of my 14 game win streak! And I am updated to 2.0 new patch that came out yesterday!

Proof I am no longer in the beta and updated

Sent to the new post you made instead. Just found it

Lol u dont even realize he cheated. i single shot him when i use my rogue LOHKO build