I want Google Play quests back ! Do you agree with me?

Why have we got no quests now?

I think it was nice to get boosts and other things by doing them.
It was like another kind of goal to the game for me :โ€™(

I think quests should be back in the game !




i agree,make dq more excited to play :smiley:

Like it would be so nice to have this system back and they could add new rewards like for example exclusive vanity for some or special pets

lets wait after they refresh the quest

But when will they?

I totally hear you and the quests were fun, but the system creates many issue currently in the game that we cannot solve for. Many players (due to incompatibility between their version of google play game services and the latest available) do not get any of their rewards and they end up feeling ripped off more than accomplishment.

While taking things (esp a feature) away from players is something we donโ€™t want to do, in this case it makes the game play better.

Ok. Well now Iโ€™m fine with uninstalling Google Play games to save battery and less annoying pop ups now :wink: . I know it sucks without quests but I understand your decision to make the game better :thumbsup:

you can also just log out of Dungeon Quest inside of google play games. That way you can keep it installed and not lose any of your other game progress.

I did that. Thanks.