I want more dame

pls help need more damage what affix do i need to increase my damage?

Well, there’s alot of work needed in this build mate. If this is what you have right now
im guessing you dont have enough items,crystal and mythstones atm.

Best advice I can give you is make a farming set first then you can create builds all you want

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right now this is my farming set? what kind of farming set do i need? what do i need to increase my damage? and one more thing how do i combine my crystal and mythstone? same item but consuming 2 slot. T_T

thats all my mythstone and crystal. what affix do i need?

Farming set would mean ones with Luck, Gold Find, and Item Dropped capped. If you have already performed an Ascension and choose Fortunate, you would get +250% to both Luck and Gold Find, increasing the cap to 850%. Another Perk worth noting is Treasured which increases your Eternal and Crystal Legend find rate by 300%. If you’re lucky to get your hands on other Nadroji parts such as the armor and ring, it would increase your Ultra Rare Legend find rate significantly. Lastly, max your item drop rate to 200% and place 1 Elixer mythstone to your amulet or ring.

what do you mean by item drop capped? item quantity = item drop cap?