I Want some newbie tips

Hi guys im newbie here. I started playing DQ yesterday and my class in DQ is rogue. Guys
can u help me what’s bad and good in equipment? To keep or sell/salvage a equipment? It’s really hard because there is so many equipment in DQ. Idk what to keep or sell :joy::joy:. Help me please​:grin::grin:

At your point in the game how you should judge that is just “does this immediately make my character stronger for equipping it” if yes equip it if no sell/salvage it or if it’s an eternal/crystal legend convert it :smile:

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Salvage/convert all legend and eternal u can use that someday it will automaticaly save to ur legendex and u can craft it anytym u want .

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Narukoto thanks guys

Sorry for hijacking this thread!

So every single one, e.g. nadroij equipment can be recrafted from dusts later, if I salvaged it?

If so, I don´t need to keep all the shit I have in storage…

Yes this is why I always say to convert/salvage :smile:

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Sorry, then I go ahead for it!

Thanks Sir :slight_smile:

:+1: :smile: glad to clear it and your inventory up

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