I want to share a music with you


is it allowed to share music here i dont know but this music is really good imo

enjoy :slight_smile: (I just love listening this while playing ranked)


Nice song


I’m not sure but thanks for the music.

Edit: Oh i remember this music now. Its been a while but its nice.


dig it!


I love listening to the Beatles revolver album or Kate Bush hounds of love or bjork medulla album when playing games


https://youtu.be/cK5G8fPmWeA favourite beatle b side number 2


This is an oasis cover of my number 1 favourite beatles b side https://youtu.be/TxbVdqm6iaE


lol we should have a music forum topic


Interesting. Next to art since music is like art.


https://youtu.be/HuS5NuXRb5Y great song


+1 :+1:

Eleanor Rigby is a great one. Thanks for sharing. The one below is great also.


It’s off the double fantasy album just before lennon died. Good track


Here is a fave oasis be side of mine. It’s unusually moody for them https://youtu.be/Ogx-ph8tJec


Old hippy stuff from the 1960s https://youtu.be/xIjzvTObzgA


Now here is a really silly b side I adore for the comedy value https://youtu.be/eCCWUM2komA


Its really nice song. :slight_smile:




Obscure beatles track with lyrics https://youtu.be/9l5L34VqzlU