I want to share a music with you


The best dope band you’ll see today


crafted my first Earthquake Mythic, and thought of this song while my Hireling shook up the Dungeon.



That’s a great one. @CuzegSpiked


These songs are good. It’s very nostalgic :blush:


Yep. Nostalgia and then this came in my head after I was feeling the blues and thinking. Gets me the feels everytime but its good music.



42- The answer to life and everything: The centre of the internet


Outcast :grinning::grinning:. Woohoo


Hahaha I thought I hear cast-away :joy:


I bet RNG 3k Crystals that I could get Twister on my Hireling Wizards Pet Fairy. well, RNG walked away with 3k Crystals, and my Fairy doesn’t have Twister. I was feeling down for 20 minutes, but then I remembered that the pet was going to be used later to help Ascend 2 Warriors and 2 Rogues, so that would have been more Crystals lost trying to get Skills for them. even though I lost 3k Crystals, I started to feel better, especially since I was able to get the Pets affixes back to where they were before I started betting all those Crystals. then I remembered this song. the guy didn’t win anything from the Gambler, but the Gamblers advice was ‘an Ace he could keep’.


NPR is a great channel for finding unknown treasures.

I love this Band.


“Real Music”


Lol @CuzegSpiked I like the emphasis on “real music”




Hi all :slight_smile:


Good for maps with huge pack of monsters.:grinning:


Love and Rockets - Yin and Yang (The Flowerpot Man) 1986

Alcohol is your yoga, baby



Its not the beatles but a cover from the version on the love album which is also acoppella but far lovelier