Iam new Mage build

Iam new at this game played for 2h really fun I can’t stop playing my phone died so have to charge :smile: I have questions how do u build insane Mage builds how u make items with thousands of damage how do u even make from a normal legendary to super sick item how u level up your items??? Need help:( iam new so I want to be stronger

I’m not an expert but I hope this helps, since you are just getting started then just farm and get legendary (red) items. I started with summoner but I switched to skullshield. Besides the insane damage I found it very easy to play and now that I have more experience I’m looking for new builds but for starters I recommend it.

I’d recommend you to hire ( I started with a rogue but switched to wizard…), the reason was that I wanted to get more items for my wizard :smile:.

I can’t post my noob build right now but basically: elem dmg, weapon dmg (on the offhand since I use skull shield). Then the red affixes: glasscannon, barbarian and push the limit will give you tons of dmg too (push the limit and barbarian cannot be rolled you have to get an item with those affixes afaik…)

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Here’s a guide on early game progression for wizard :smile:


You should try this build! Its awesome:)