Id love to be a tester, what are the requirements?

Heheh i mean do u sirs require a powerful phone? Or just hardcore gaming? Huhuhu


Hahaha. Me too.maybe we need alot of exp about this game before becoming a tester. Im totally noob . i hope someday. :grin:

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All u need is apply man

Can you do this? Select play button.


See application information below.

For those of you that have any interest in testing patches and giving us valuable feedback, please email us at with the following:

1. Forum Name
2. Google Play or iOS Account Email
3. Brief summary on why you’re interested in testing

Our aim is to improve Dungeon Quest more and more, and often players can find bugs that we don’t during development. Not only do we highly value active participation and feedback on features, but we’ll also provide perks to Testers ( like being your own Epic enemy).

Players of all skill levels are welcome, as all levels of feedback can be useful for us.


Done that already i checked the old application thread and did what they ask… I already emailed the devs, im hoping for a positive response :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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You might have to wait for positions to open or the next patch release (idk). They are also super crazy busy with the next patch if you applied in the past few months.

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I could definitely do that! Hahah i shall try my outmost! :joy::blush::blush:

Ok thanks

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theres alot of bugs and glitches everywhere anywhere haha .


Master Yoshi agrees. :sunglasses:


Hahahaha…Me too!

XD . :slight_smile: .