Idea for improving floor progression

So i made a new account given my new found free time as of late >~<

One of the biggest hurdles i found as a ‘new player’ was floor progression and wished there was a better way, soo i did what i do and took a nap to think up my idea of a solution ^.^

So when you press convert on a map it either raises the floor difficulty of said map up to the maximum value you’ve previously reached on the character, or gives the message “map already at highest floor available”
Perhaps instead of the message, it could ask “max floor reached, progress anyway?” With “yes” or “cancle button” which would raise the floor difficulty of said map by one

-or instead of even asking, just use the gold cost and raise floor difficulty by one :yum:

Hopefully this should be easy to implement as the code to do so should already be in place, just needs minor tweaking

Thoughts, devs?